[FFmpeg-devel] AVFilter for watermarking DCTELEM MPEG2 blocks

Roger Pau Monné royger
Wed Nov 17 10:34:09 CET 2010

I'm preparing the code, I will try to send it later today, sorry for the

El 16/11/2010 17:01, "Luca Barbato" <lu_zero at gentoo.org> escribi?:

On 11/16/2010 04:40 PM, Vladimir Pantelic wrote:
> Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
>> Roger Pau Monn?<royger...
Good Watermarking as a subset of steganography should work even if you
know the algorithm. Since it should be nearly seamless, depending on
some external key to be meaningful and robust to a number of conversion
procedures (think about fair use, low qual encoding or small sampling
deletes the watermark, doing high quality reencoding preserves it)



Luca Barbato

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