[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH/RFC]Change development policy

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos
Mon Oct 4 11:22:51 CEST 2010


I believe this was originally suggested by Reimar, and since supported by 
several developers.

Since this may be controversial, please comment in any case and suggest 
wording improvements, flames (including whose idea it was) are less welcome.

I will consider applying if I receive no comments at all, Carl Eugen
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Index: doc/developer.texi
--- doc/developer.texi	(revision 25330)
+++ doc/developer.texi	(working copy)
@@ -155,6 +155,9 @@
    Note: Redundant code can be removed.
+   Do not apply patches that change public API without discussing them
+   on the mailing list first.
+ at item
    Do not commit changes to the build system (Makefiles, configure script)
    which change behavior, defaults etc, without asking first. The same
    applies to compiler warning fixes, trivial looking fixes and to code

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