[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] FLAC parser

Justin Ruggles justin.ruggles
Wed Oct 6 18:50:15 CEST 2010

Michael Chinen wrote:

> Here is the latest set of patches.
> I added a dependency on the FLAC parser for the flac demuxer - I don't
> touch makefiles often so please check this.
> Concerning hiding the patch history in a diffstat, I couldn't figure
> out how to do this, so I just removed all that stuff since from
> looking at other log messages I guess they should be summaries instead
> of details.

Patch 0001 looks good.

The part of patch 0002 that changes ff_flac_decode_frame_header() to
return various error codes instead of logging error messages should be a
separate commit, to be applied after patch 0001.

Unless I'm overlooking something, the actual parser seems missing from
your patches.  Did you forget to git add flac_parser.c?

Patch 0003 seems to be related to more than just your FLAC parser.  I
would suggest submitting it for approval in its own thread, along with a
reiteration of why it is needed.

Patch 0004 should be included with whatever patch causes those changes.
 We shouldn't break seek tests if we can easily avoid it, even if it is
fixed shortly after.


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