[FFmpeg-devel] ffmtech to buy mphq some 2tb drives

compn tempn
Thu Oct 7 07:21:10 CEST 2010

in a stunning act of charity, the ff foundation has decided to buy some
terabytes for incoming because no one cares to delete samples anymore.

please get right on this. buy more hds, ignore the space nazis.

no i dont want to delete samples or bug devs for which samples to save
and which to toss off the boat. just buy some drives and get it over
with. throwing hardware at the problem will solve a lot of time wasted
by root, carl, me and all of the users, because we have tried and failed
to come to an agreement about incoming sorting. or we agreed and failed
to have enough time to implement it.

new plan:
buy 2 2tb drive every x years
retire oldest drive every x years

also ffmtech.org could do with some html.


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