[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] roots duties and rights

Benjamin Larsson banan
Wed Oct 13 00:03:48 CEST 2010

>>>   - Open and Close SVN/GIT accounts if requested by the project leader (root can
>>>     not reject such requests)
>> in consensus with most of the main developers.
> elaborate please.

I was more thinking of opening of accounts. But I still don't think the
project leader on a power trip should be able to close down all peoples
accounts just because some policy says so. If the project leader is the
only one who think an account should be closed then I don't think the
account should be closed. But I get your point, I just think how it was
formulated was confusing.

>>>   - Root shall in case of ambiguity of a request ask instead of guessing.
>> Loose this.
> as people prefer, i tend to prefer to state the obvious but well ...

Just to be clear, it is what I would prefer.

>>> * Root must not involve itself deeply in any of the hosted projects, that is
>>>   to ensure roots impartiality and avoid conflict of interest
>>>   This conflict of interest exists both in form of making decisions as root
>>>   to favor ones personal preference in a project. As well as participating
>>>   in project internal discussions while implicating ones authority.
>> Loose this.
> i dont think this is a good idea

Well I would prefer to pay someone to take care of the project with
SLA's and everything. I just think we have to accept what is reasonable.

>>> * Root must before expiration of the previous SSL key either generate SSL keys
>>>   signed by an upstream CA or put self signed SSL keys signed with their
>>>   gpg key on the webpage and ML
>> Loose this.
> elaborate why please, i see nothing bad or hard on this and its something root
> has not done correctly in the past

Well I agree but imo this is covered in the "Keep the system running

>>> -Root may resign, in which case new candidates shall be found and a vote
>>>  amongth all developers who had write access prior to the resignation shall be
>>>  held. The project leader of each project has a veto right against candidates.
>>>  This veto right is necessary as root is a service provider and not a power
>>>  position and if one asks for candidates for root the most power hungry people
>>>  in the projects come forward. And it is also important that root is trusted
>>>  by all, more so than root being the one with the prettiest face.
>> Loose this. If the current root group thinks that they need more help
>> candidates should be chosen by the main developers in consensus.
> [...]
>>> -Root may delegate any work/rights to other people of roots choice but root is
>>>  fully responsible for that persons actions. Such delegations must be made public.
>>>  root may revoke any such delegation without specifying reasons at any time.
>> Loose this.
> I disagree, root is responsible for the system and root must have the right to
> delegate where they need to people root trusts.
> A mythical group of main developers, that in addition is spread over 2 and maybe
> in the future more projects cannot do this
> Its just neither practical nor IMHO a good idea.

This is imo covered by my comment above.

And to me main developers are those who currently contribute to the
project and care enough about the project to constructively try to make
it better.

Benjamin Larsson

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