[FFmpeg-devel] FFmpeg 0.6.1

Diego Biurrun diego
Mon Oct 18 13:46:38 CEST 2010

On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 03:01:59PM +0200, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> The last weeks have been pretty busy (workwise) for me, but now I
> finally found some time to look into releasing FFmpeg 0.6.1. If you
> don't care about point releases, then please stop reading now and
> move along. If you are interested, I'd appreciate feedback and general
> comments.

I committed all the changes you requested.

> I'd like to get this point release out rather quickly, because it is
> blocking the mplayer 1.0rc4 release, which is long overdue as well.

Yes, this was frustrating me as well, the rc4 branch is getting older
by the day, but I just cannot make a release with known security


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