[FFmpeg-devel] Patch for Issue 2317

Rocky Cardwell rocky.cardwell
Thu Oct 28 00:27:19 CEST 2010

Attached is a potential patch for Issue 2317: Segfault when trying to
stream any video to ffserver.

In revision 25500 the way that output streams were being allocated
changed.? After that revision ffserver output streams were never
allocated which caused the segfault.? I changed the
read_ffserver_streams function to allocate output streams using the
new_output_stream function which fixed the segfault.

I ran patcheck on the patch and it came back with:
Please use av_log
issue2317.patch:22:+??????? fprintf(stderr, "Could not alloc output stream\n");

That is in the already existing new_output_stream function which I
just moved above the read_ffserver_streams function so I could use it.
The fprintf is not something that I added.

I hope that helps,

Rocky Cardwell
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