[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] About committership

Rob robert.swain
Wed Feb 2 17:30:59 CET 2011

On 2 February 2011 17:12, Tobias Bindhammer
<tobias.bindhammer at uni-ulm.de> wrote:
>>> it just feels like a badly-executed fork. imo we can share the server.
>>> i dont see any need to fragment up ffmpeg any more than it already is.
>> +1
>> Let's try to find some way to work togheter rather than splitting and
>> dissipating energies.
> However this would require, that the coup side is starting to join into
> discussion, and not try to starve things by keeping quiet or giving very
> short statements (That is the feeling i get). Neither point out people as
> liar is helpful. What Stefano said are valid points, same goes for Michael's
> doubts. It is time to give serious and verbose answers, really. This would
> let the new system suggested also appear more welcome, and not like a closed
> circle. Accept it or die, are not very welcoming options. Michael's social
> competence has been critizied, but mostly ignoring critical voices is no way
> better. Face it, and accept, that there's not only people who favour what
> has happened. People from outside the project have asked me several times,
> what all this fuzz about the ffmpeg-fork is about. And in fact, i can't
> really give a proper answer to that.

To be clear, we're all reading and considering what is written. Often
the discussion degrades into something non-constructive and so rather
than flaming, people abstain from responding. I personally have not
been responding as much as I was initially because the discussion
devolved into flaming and ceased to be discussion anymore. Stefano's
queries about the procedures and organisation are ones that really
need clarification and should have been clarified sooner.

Also, a lot of discussion has been pursued with Michael on IRC whether
privately or in groups. Sometimes he is quite pleasant to talk to,
others he is really not. Compromise was sought by both sides but
honestly, the more I am involved in these discussions with Michael,
the less impressed I am with his behaviour and the less I wish to work
or even try to discuss things further with him.


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