[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] About committership

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Wed Feb 2 21:14:12 CET 2011

Le quartidi 14 pluvi?se, an CCXIX, Stefano Sabatini a ?crit?:
> > You are supposed to do that before hitting git-commit.
> This needs a bit of explanation, I usually adopt a lazy approach, this
> maybe can explain the low quality of some of my patches. Anyway I
> don't work too hard for getting a patch in a perfect shape, especially
> for complex ones, because I know that it will usually go through many
> reviews, so making a big effort for creating a patch which will go
> through many changes and which may be not even accepted makes no sense
> and I try to spare me some work.
> So I don't put too much effort when committing to my local branch and
> sending, but I spend more and more focus when the patch is going
> through the final revisions or when directly committing the patch.

I think what he means is that instead of being extra careful when you "svn
commit" to the official repo, you make your perfect commit to your local
repo and then send the diff to the patch monkeys. The change takes a little
longer to be visible for the outside world, but apart from that, it does not
change anything for you...

... Except if the patch conflicts with other that were queued at the same
time, which is, IMHO, the weakest point about the review process of

Apart from that, I mostly agree with everything you just said, and I urge
people involved to calmly state their position rather than letting
themselves be baited by wandering trolls.


  Nicolas George
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