[FFmpeg-devel] AMR file seeking and total playtime

Kálmán „KAMI” Szalai kami911
Thu Feb 3 14:19:29 CET 2011


2011-02-03 12:38 keltez?ssel, Diego Biurrun ?rta:
>>> On Thu, Feb 03, 2011 at 11:34:04AM +0100, K?lm?n ?KAMI? Szalai wrote :
>>>> I advised to my project leader to use VLC instead of Quicktime for AMR
>>>> playback in Windows environment, because it is possible to play AMR
>>>> files in VLC too. However I found few features lack:
>>> You are on the wrong mailing list.
>> What is the good ML for ffmpeg related development request, donation offer?
> What you asked about so far concerns VLC more than FFmpeg.  We don't do
> browser plugins around here and the seeking problem is likely an issue
> in VLC itself.  Once you know what you need changed in FFmpeg in order
> to support the features you need in VLC, you are more than welcome to
> inquire about it here.
> However, we cannot help you determine what those changes are.  For that
> you will need to talk to VLC developers.
> Diego
The guys @ VLC said to ask this here :oD So my question is ffmpeg is
supporting seeking in amr?

I found that -ss <a> cut a seconds from the converted files when I
convert from amr to mp3 or ogg.

So maybe the problem in VLC, can you confirm it?


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