[FFmpeg-devel] Please explain

Frans de Boer frans
Fri Feb 4 23:33:15 CET 2011

Some people, like myself, have stated their surprise in the take-over or 
coup if you will. Others I have spoken, express their fear that because 
it is not clear why this has done and the flame ware between the current 
maintainers and Michael, there might be a split/fork in the near future.
On the same time we see activity about improvements going on and even 
new topics arising.
In short "what is going on"?

   1. Can we still build upon ffmpeg with respect to other projects?
      e.g. Using a period of 6-12 months between major releases in the
      likely event that API's will change.
   2. Can we have decent and civil reactions when we - consumers of your
      labor - ask some questions? Even if they sound stupid in some ears?
   3. If a fork will be created, how will the current maintainers react?

To bring the community to rest, bring out an official statement (also 
the web site) what the take-over means for the project and why this was 

Personal remark: if this was solely to oust Micheal alone, then it was a 
poor action. It has the signature of one of the maintainers. Poor 
judgment and lack of any diplomatic skill. I don't care why it was done, 
just the way it was done does not deserve an Oscar, rather a raspberry.

Regards, Frans.

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