[FFmpeg-devel] [VOTE] Equality and leader team

Jason Garrett-Glaser jason
Sat Feb 5 12:37:37 CET 2011

> * Disband the leader team of 7 and return commit and decission power to all
> ?developers.
> Y Yes
> N No

What does this even mean?  Just like all your "votes", this doesn't
make any sense and does nothing but beg the question.

"Disband the 7 committers", whatever that means, would mean we would
have no more committers on ffmpeg at all.  I think this is a bad idea,
because without committers, there won't be any development.  Perhaps
you wanted to vote on ADDING MORE committers, instead of REMOVING

What does "return commit and decision power to all developers" mean?
How do developers not have "decision power" now that they had before?
I'm completely confused as to what this vote is supposed to be on --
and even more confused about what the actual technical consequences of
a vote on this would be.

Additionally, your vote is weasel-worded.  Please stop doing this and
start being honest.  If I have to give up my commit access to make you
start being honest, so be it -- I'd be happy to do it.


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