[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Some git questions

Diego Elio Pettenò flameeyes
Sat Feb 5 13:52:43 CET 2011

Il giorno sab, 05/02/2011 alle 13.24 +0100, Stefano Sabatini ha scritto:
> I tend to do a lot of rebasing to my local branches, for getting
> each patch "series" in shape before committing to the main repo.
> Supposing that both users and contributors pull from the repo, how
> would that affect their workflow? 

I'm not sure if it might apply to everybody but I'll share my personal
way to deal with these issues, since I have at some point shared these
concerns myself.

Unless I'm actively maintaining a side branch that needs to be
integrated into master from there on (which is usually only the case for
feng), I don't tend to have a "merged" branch at all. Locally, I have a
topic branch that I keep rebasing; on the public side, rather than
pushing the branch as-is (which is going to cause trouble to people
tracking it), I push it as a dated branch instead.

As an example check my ffmpeg repo at gitorious

The trick is in the push command

git push gitorious staticize:$date-staticize

Also, locally I use stgit to be able to move in the series of patches,
and edit things that weren't right in the first place.

Rather than using dates you could use incremental versions for the
patches' series, by the way.

Diego Elio Petten? ? Flameeyes

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