[FFmpeg-devel] [VOTE] Equality and leader team

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Sat Feb 5 19:43:31 CET 2011

Le septidi 17 pluvi?se, an CCXIX, Diego Biurrun a ?crit?:
> > Libert?, ?galit?, fraternit?
> Vive la revolution!

You had your July the fourteenth?. Now we are waiting for August the 26th?
and September the 30th?.

One of the difference between a coup and a revolution is that after a
revolution, they organize democratic elections.

1: ... 1789, where the people of Paris overtook the political prison of the
Bastille, symbolic date for the start of the revolution.

2: ... 1789 again, where the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and the
Citizen" was proclaimed.

3: ... 1791, where the leaders of the revolution stepped down and
surrendered power to a newly elected legislative assembly.


  Nicolas George
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