[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 11/11] Make inter_rvlc and intra_rvlc static tables.

Diego Elio Pettenò flameeyes
Sun Feb 6 15:47:46 CET 2011

Il giorno mar, 25/01/2011 alle 10.53 -0500, Ronald S. Bultje ha scritto:
> Doesn't this duplicate the tables in each file? Please extern them and
> then define them in a .c file instead.

Fun times ahead! Your grep was reporting not "mpeg4data.h" but
"msmpeg4data.h" as well:

flame at yamato ffmpeg % ack -w mpeg4data.h
25:#include "mpeg4data.h"

There is only one file including that .h and indeed I can't understand
why it would be a header at all as it is.

Also, in this case, inter_rvlc and intra_rvlc are only ever used to
define rvlc_rl_inter and rvlc_rl_intra. These are defined in the same
header, which means they are emitted on mpeg4video.o; on the other hand
they are only used by mpeg4videodec.c.

I guess another alternative would be to move the whole definition of
those two tables into mpeg4videodec.c so that they are fully static

Diego Elio Petten? ? Flameeyes

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