[FFmpeg-devel] The new team is baning FFmpeg developers of the mailing list

Arpi arpi
Mon Feb 7 21:12:48 CET 2011


> Moin,
> Arpi, you should not dirty your own name with spreading half guesses
> and lies. This is surely below you

lies? where?

> On Mon, 7 Feb 2011 20:43:31 +0100
> Arpi <arpi at thot.banki.hu> wrote:
> > > i ve just received a mail from a ffmpeg developer, namely arpi who has been
> > > unsubscribed or baned of the ffmpeg developer mailing list.
> > 
> > i dont know if i was banned or not, i didnt send mail today yet. now i'm trying, we'll see.
> > 
> > but gabucino is already banned for sure, and his mail was just rejected with:
> He is not banned, he's been put on moderation, as can be seen
> from those lines:
> > 17:34 < giftgas> Subject: Your message to ffmpeg-devel awaits moderator approval
> > 17:35 < giftgas> The reason it is being held:
> > 17:35 < giftgas> Post to moderated list

this line "Post to moderated list" suggests to me that the whole ffmpeg-devel
list has been converted to be moderated. this message is very misleading!
this is why i asked Michael, as the (former) list admin.

> > 18:17 < giftgas> has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the
> > 18:17 < giftgas> following reason for rejecting your request:
> > 18:17 < giftgas> "Your message was deemed inappropriate by the moderator."
> > > I am or better said was the mailing list admin, as it seems iam no longer
> > > listed and instead now mans rullgard is listed.
> > 
> > they used the power of root again, to take over yet another common service...
> Who said root did it?

I did! I know that only root can change the ML admin password in mailman.
(besides the old mailman admin of course, who is/was Michael, but he didnt
know about this, so he didnt change it for sure)

> Do you know how many requests to actually kick Gabu from ffmpeg-* we got
> in the last days? I alone got half a dozen.

I'm pretty sure that Gabu is very proud of that :)

> But we still refused to
> do it because beside Mans noone of us is ML admin. So we don't have the
> right to ban or even moderate anyone, unless he makes the mailinglists
> unusable for everyone else.

are you interested in commandline mailman command to do it? every root can do that.
and you are root, dont you?

> > > I object this and i veto this. In 10 years not 1 person even less so a
> > > contributor or developer has been thrown of the list.
> > 
> > now there are at least 1 but i'm pretty sure they are
> > delaying/monitoring more than 1 addresses.
> How can you be sure? Did you have a look at the list of moderated people?
> If you did not, why do you state something you cannot know?

I didnt state anything. It was my personal opinion, based on the behaviour
of the neu-team, especially you roots in the past days.

> > > And this comes at a time when we have a vote about the new situation
> > > this is selectively preventing people from participating in the vote and
> > > discussion.
> > 
> > probably this is their intention, to control votes and politics on the list.
> > but it's good: it means they are out of ideas and have to touch dark tools...
> The intention is clear: Get someone from wasting everyone elses time
> by trolling everyone.

Why dont you start with Mans then? He sent already a lot more troll mails than Gabu.

> Heck, he didn't even contribute a single bit to the discussion, but agered everyone.
> And if you think someone misused his power, have a look at todays 
> #ffmpeg-devel log, when multiple people again asked for the removal
> of Gabu.

What about a VOTE about it, instead of deciding it by your feelings or by IRC chat?
There may be hundreds of gabu-fans out there :)


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