[FFmpeg-devel] The new team is baning FFmpeg developers of the mailing list

Berczi Gabor mans
Mon Feb 7 23:59:57 CET 2011

> Moin,
> We, the FFmpeg [1] have currently some problems with a user from
> mcsec.hu, namely Berczi Gabor . He has been very abusive on our
> mailinglist and has thus been put on moderation. Now he is faking
> his sender address to circumvent this moderation as can be seen from
> the header excerpt below. We would very much appreciate if you could
> prevent this user from sending emails with forged sender addresses.
> Thanks in advance and greetings from Switzerland
> 			Attila Kinali

Thank you dear Kinyali,

We have immediately fired the individual. We hate him anyways. But you are so cool. Please coup some more!

Best regards,
Your mom

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