[FFmpeg-devel] Stop the flame war...

Frans de Boer frans
Tue Feb 8 00:43:28 CET 2011

Please all readers,

The current accusations and flaming is not helping the community. There
are now to many emotionally wounded people in this community that a
split-up seems unavoidable. Great lets do that, so we all can continue
and don't have to read these pointless emails anymore. Pointless,
because the current maintainers have made a coup and are not willing to
revert it - so it seems.
Now after all what has been said,  the community will never be the same
again, no matter who is right or wrong or what the reasons where. If
this continues, we all lose.

It is clear that Micheal has been ousted as well as some others and a
band of coup members have taken over. So what, it's not a matter of life
and dead. Just start something new and maybe "borrow" from others if
needed. It's open source after all. See who will grow to be the dominant
project. Only one thing, keep the API's in sync. Say, call the new split
ffmpeg-ng and continue along the chosen path.
Oh, by the way: also here it seems that democracy is only her as long as
it suit the ones in power.

Regards, Frans.

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