[FFmpeg-devel] [FFmpeg-commits] Implement a SIMD version of emulated_edge_mc() for x86.

Michael Kostylev michael.kostylev
Tue Feb 8 16:51:41 CET 2011

On Mon Feb  7 18:34:21 2011
Daniel Verkamp wrote:

>I've been poking around at setting up a FATE box for Windows, but
>frankly the native compilation situation with mingw+msys is next to
>unusable (terribly slow configure/build, no package management, buggy
>headers) and Cygwin-hosted cross compilation speed is even worse
>(though it at least has some semblance of package management); I've
>been using a Linux-hosted cross compiler instead, but that doesn't
>allow me to run FATE directly, and remote exec with Cygwin sshd + key

This is simply dead slow from the first fork. Rshd built with MinGW is
notably faster but the protocol itself has the Broken Software Design
roots, that are easily visible as numerous TIME_WAIT connections ending
quickly with the complete EADDRINUSE since the port range is very

>auth apparently doesn't play nice with Windows permissions.

FATE deals more with samba permissions, which are no more ugly than
You did not mention another issue with PSNR tests using the samples
from the fate-suite because the actual paths to the samples differ.
A workaround is simple though.


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