[FFmpeg-devel] git blame authorship

Vladimir Pantelic vladoman
Wed Feb 9 11:30:37 CET 2011

Fran?ois Revol wrote:
> Le 9 f?vr. 2011 ? 11:24, Felipe Contreras a ?crit :
>>  On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 6:21 AM, Michael Niedermayer<michaelni at gmx.at>  wrote:
>>>  Hi
>>>  A quick redone count of lines of authorship of my local tree (interrested
>>>  parties can redo that with various other trees which should show lower numbers
>>>  for me)
>>>  generated with stuff like:
>>>  for i in *.asm ; do git blame -w -C -M $i ; done>ba
>>>  and
>>>  cat ba* | sed 's/[^(]*(\([^2]*\)2.*/\1/;s/  */ /g'  | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
>>>  That attempts to follow whitespace changes, copied and moved files
>>  How convenient to leave .S files out. Here's the numbers with those:
> In any case, this is not authorship since the imported svn only knows about committers.

AFAIK, Janne went great length to attribute the author when doing the svn to git
conversion, even I appear in git blame and I don't have/had commit rights...

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