[FFmpeg-devel] Another possible bug in dvbsub.c

Ronen Mizrahi ronen
Sat Feb 12 23:27:29 CET 2011


The problem with current dvbsub encoded with ffmpeg is that the subtitles
are not remove from display as expected (they remain displayed for a much
longer period, unless some other sub replaces them). This was tested with
VLC, ffplay, and also with other hardware devices (set-top-boxes).

By comparing to VLC code base (
we were able to make a small change that seem to have fixed the
problem: when hide_state is TRUE, no region related information should be
written. This is unlike the current code where it does write the region ids
and their x,y position, as well as some other information.

Since I am not a dvbsub expert and since the spec is not very clear with
regard to this situation I wanted to see if someone on the list can confirm
this correction. If so, I am happy to submit a patch.



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