[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] bink: perform scan order permutation of quantization matrices in read_dct_coeffs()

Peter Ross pross
Sun Feb 13 04:32:58 CET 2011

This fixes visual glitches in Bink version 'b' files, as the quantization tables
were not being permutated.
 libavcodec/bink.c     |    4 +-
 libavcodec/binkdata.h |  618 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------
 2 files changed, 303 insertions(+), 319 deletions(-)

diff --git a/libavcodec/bink.c b/libavcodec/bink.c
index 928bf53..5ebf98c 100644
--- a/libavcodec/bink.c
+++ b/libavcodec/bink.c
@@ -678,8 +678,8 @@ static int read_dct_coeffs(GetBitContext *gb, DCTELEM block[64], const uint8_t *
     block[0] = (block[0] * quant[0]) >> 11;
     for (i = 0; i < coef_count; i++) {
-        int idx = coef_idx[i];
-        block[scan[idx]] = (block[scan[idx]] * quant[idx]) >> 11;
+        int idx = scan[coef_idx[i]];
+        block[idx] = (block[idx] * quant[idx]) >> 11;
     return 0;
diff --git a/libavcodec/binkdata.h b/libavcodec/binkdata.h
index 2c20b4a..1a865a5 100644
--- a/libavcodec/binkdata.h
+++ b/libavcodec/binkdata.h
@@ -287,327 +287,311 @@ static const uint8_t bink_patterns[16][64] = {
 static const uint32_t bink_intra_quant[16][64] = {
- 0x010000, 0x016315, 0x01E83D, 0x02A535, 0x014E7B, 0x016577, 0x02F1E6, 0x02724C,
- 0x010000, 0x00EEDA, 0x024102, 0x017F9B, 0x00BE80, 0x00611E, 0x01083C, 0x00A552,
- 0x021F88, 0x01DC53, 0x027FAD, 0x01F697, 0x014819, 0x00A743, 0x015A31, 0x009688,
- 0x02346F, 0x030EE5, 0x01FBFA, 0x02C096, 0x01D000, 0x028396, 0x019247, 0x01F9AA,
- 0x02346F, 0x01FBFA, 0x01DC53, 0x0231B8, 0x012F12, 0x01E06C, 0x00CB10, 0x0119A8,
- 0x01C48C, 0x019748, 0x014E86, 0x0122AF, 0x02C628, 0x027F20, 0x0297B5, 0x023F32,
- 0x025000, 0x01AB6B, 0x01D122, 0x0159B3, 0x012669, 0x008D43, 0x00EE1F, 0x0075ED,
- 0x01490C, 0x010288, 0x00F735, 0x00EF51, 0x00E0F1, 0x0072AD, 0x00A4D8, 0x006517,
- 0x015555, 0x01D971, 0x028AFC, 0x0386F1, 0x01BDF9, 0x01DC9F, 0x03ED33, 0x034311,
- 0x015555, 0x013E78, 0x030158, 0x01FF7A, 0x00FE00, 0x00817D, 0x01604F, 0x00DC6D,
- 0x02D4B5, 0x027B19, 0x0354E7, 0x029E1F, 0x01B577, 0x00DF04, 0x01CD96, 0x00C8B6,
- 0x02F095, 0x0413DC, 0x02A54E, 0x03AB73, 0x026AAB, 0x035A1E, 0x02185E, 0x02A238,
- 0x02F095, 0x02A54E, 0x027B19, 0x02ECF5, 0x019418, 0x028090, 0x010EC0, 0x01778A,
- 0x025B66, 0x021F0B, 0x01BE09, 0x018394, 0x03B2E0, 0x03542A, 0x0374F1, 0x02FEEE,
- 0x031555, 0x0239E4, 0x026C2D, 0x01CCEE, 0x01888C, 0x00BC59, 0x013D7E, 0x009D3C,
- 0x01B6BB, 0x0158B5, 0x01499C, 0x013F17, 0x012BEC, 0x0098E6, 0x00DBCB, 0x0086C9,
- 0x01AAAB, 0x024FCE, 0x032DBB, 0x0468AD, 0x022D78, 0x0253C7, 0x04E87F, 0x0413D5,
- 0x01AAAB, 0x018E16, 0x03C1AE, 0x027F58, 0x013D80, 0x00A1DC, 0x01B863, 0x011388,
- 0x0389E2, 0x0319DF, 0x042A21, 0x0345A7, 0x0222D4, 0x0116C5, 0x0240FC, 0x00FAE3,
- 0x03ACBA, 0x0518D3, 0x034EA1, 0x04964F, 0x030555, 0x0430A5, 0x029E76, 0x034AC5,
- 0x03ACBA, 0x034EA1, 0x0319DF, 0x03A833, 0x01F91E, 0x0320B4, 0x015270, 0x01D56D,
- 0x02F23F, 0x02A6CE, 0x022D8B, 0x01E479, 0x049F98, 0x042935, 0x04522D, 0x03BEA9,
- 0x03DAAB, 0x02C85D, 0x030738, 0x02402A, 0x01EAAF, 0x00EB6F, 0x018CDE, 0x00C48A,
- 0x022469, 0x01AEE2, 0x019C02, 0x018EDD, 0x0176E7, 0x00BF20, 0x0112BE, 0x00A87B,
- 0x020000, 0x02C62A, 0x03D07A, 0x054A69, 0x029CF6, 0x02CAEF, 0x05E3CC, 0x04E499,
- 0x020000, 0x01DDB4, 0x048204, 0x02FF36, 0x017D01, 0x00C23C, 0x021077, 0x014AA3,
- 0x043F0F, 0x03B8A6, 0x04FF5A, 0x03ED2E, 0x029032, 0x014E86, 0x02B461, 0x012D11,
- 0x0468DF, 0x061DCA, 0x03F7F5, 0x05812C, 0x03A000, 0x05072C, 0x03248D, 0x03F353,
- 0x0468DF, 0x03F7F5, 0x03B8A6, 0x046370, 0x025E24, 0x03C0D8, 0x019620, 0x02334F,
- 0x038919, 0x032E91, 0x029D0D, 0x02455E, 0x058C50, 0x04FE3F, 0x052F69, 0x047E65,
- 0x04A000, 0x0356D6, 0x03A243, 0x02B365, 0x024CD2, 0x011A85, 0x01DC3E, 0x00EBD9,
- 0x029218, 0x020510, 0x01EE69, 0x01DEA2, 0x01C1E2, 0x00E559, 0x0149B0, 0x00CA2D,
- 0x02AAAB, 0x03B2E3, 0x0515F8, 0x070DE2, 0x037BF2, 0x03B93E, 0x07DA65, 0x068621,
- 0x02AAAB, 0x027CF0, 0x0602B1, 0x03FEF3, 0x01FC01, 0x0102FA, 0x02C09F, 0x01B8DA,
- 0x05A96A, 0x04F632, 0x06A9CE, 0x053C3E, 0x036AED, 0x01BE09, 0x039B2D, 0x01916B,
- 0x05E129, 0x0827B8, 0x054A9C, 0x0756E5, 0x04D555, 0x06B43B, 0x0430BC, 0x05446F,
- 0x05E129, 0x054A9C, 0x04F632, 0x05D9EB, 0x032830, 0x050121, 0x021D80, 0x02EF14,
- 0x04B6CC, 0x043E16, 0x037C11, 0x030728, 0x0765C0, 0x06A855, 0x06E9E2, 0x05FDDB,
- 0x062AAB, 0x0473C8, 0x04D85A, 0x0399DC, 0x031118, 0x0178B2, 0x027AFD, 0x013A77,
- 0x036D76, 0x02B16A, 0x029337, 0x027E2E, 0x0257D8, 0x0131CC, 0x01B796, 0x010D91,
- 0x038000, 0x04DACA, 0x06ACD5, 0x094238, 0x0492AE, 0x04E322, 0x0A4EA5, 0x08900C,
- 0x038000, 0x0343FB, 0x07E388, 0x053E9F, 0x029AC1, 0x0153E8, 0x039CD0, 0x02429E,
- 0x076E5B, 0x068322, 0x08BEDE, 0x06DF11, 0x047C57, 0x02496B, 0x04BBAB, 0x020EDD,
- 0x07B786, 0x0AB421, 0x06F1ED, 0x09A20D, 0x065800, 0x08CC8E, 0x057FF7, 0x06E9D2,
- 0x07B786, 0x06F1ED, 0x068322, 0x07AE04, 0x0424BF, 0x06917B, 0x02C6B8, 0x03D9CB,
- 0x062FEB, 0x05917D, 0x0492D7, 0x03F964, 0x09B58C, 0x08BCEF, 0x0912F8, 0x07DD30,
- 0x081800, 0x05D7F7, 0x065BF6, 0x04B9F1, 0x040670, 0x01EE69, 0x03416C, 0x019CBC,
- 0x047FAA, 0x0388DC, 0x036138, 0x03459C, 0x03134C, 0x01915C, 0x0240F5, 0x0161CF,
- 0x040000, 0x058C54, 0x07A0F4, 0x0A94D3, 0x0539EC, 0x0595DD, 0x0BC798, 0x09C932,
- 0x040000, 0x03BB68, 0x090409, 0x05FE6D, 0x02FA01, 0x018477, 0x0420EE, 0x029547,
- 0x087E1F, 0x07714C, 0x09FEB5, 0x07DA5D, 0x052064, 0x029D0D, 0x0568C3, 0x025A21,
- 0x08D1BE, 0x0C3B94, 0x07EFEA, 0x0B0258, 0x074000, 0x0A0E59, 0x06491A, 0x07E6A7,
- 0x08D1BE, 0x07EFEA, 0x07714C, 0x08C6E0, 0x04BC48, 0x0781B1, 0x032C3F, 0x04669F,
- 0x071232, 0x065D22, 0x053A1A, 0x048ABC, 0x0B18A0, 0x09FC7F, 0x0A5ED3, 0x08FCC9,
- 0x094000, 0x06ADAC, 0x074487, 0x0566CA, 0x0499A5, 0x02350B, 0x03B87B, 0x01D7B3,
- 0x052430, 0x040A20, 0x03DCD3, 0x03BD45, 0x0383C5, 0x01CAB3, 0x029361, 0x01945A,
- 0x050000, 0x06EF69, 0x098931, 0x0D3A07, 0x068867, 0x06FB55, 0x0EB97E, 0x0C3B7E,
- 0x050000, 0x04AA42, 0x0B450B, 0x077E08, 0x03B881, 0x01E595, 0x05292A, 0x033A99,
- 0x0A9DA7, 0x094D9F, 0x0C7E62, 0x09D0F4, 0x06687D, 0x034450, 0x06C2F4, 0x02F0AA,
- 0x0B062D, 0x0F4A78, 0x09EBE4, 0x0DC2EE, 0x091000, 0x0C91EF, 0x07DB61, 0x09E050,
- 0x0B062D, 0x09EBE4, 0x094D9F, 0x0AF898, 0x05EB59, 0x09621D, 0x03F74F, 0x058046,
- 0x08D6BE, 0x07F46A, 0x0688A0, 0x05AD6B, 0x0DDEC8, 0x0C7B9F, 0x0CF687, 0x0B3BFB,
- 0x0B9000, 0x085917, 0x0915A8, 0x06C07D, 0x05C00E, 0x02C24D, 0x04A69A, 0x024D9F,
- 0x066D3C, 0x050CA7, 0x04D407, 0x04AC96, 0x0464B6, 0x023D5F, 0x033839, 0x01F971,
- 0x060000, 0x08527E, 0x0B716E, 0x0FDF3C, 0x07D6E1, 0x0860CC, 0x11AB63, 0x0EADCB,
- 0x060000, 0x05991C, 0x0D860D, 0x08FDA3, 0x047702, 0x0246B3, 0x063165, 0x03DFEA,
- 0x0CBD2E, 0x0B29F1, 0x0EFE0F, 0x0BC78B, 0x07B096, 0x03EB93, 0x081D24, 0x038732,
- 0x0D3A9C, 0x12595D, 0x0BE7DF, 0x108384, 0x0AE000, 0x0F1585, 0x096DA8, 0x0BD9FA,
- 0x0D3A9C, 0x0BE7DF, 0x0B29F1, 0x0D2A50, 0x071A6B, 0x0B4289, 0x04C25F, 0x0699EE,
- 0x0A9B4A, 0x098BB2, 0x07D727, 0x06D01A, 0x10A4F0, 0x0EFABE, 0x0F8E3C, 0x0D7B2E,
- 0x0DE000, 0x0A0482, 0x0AE6CA, 0x081A2F, 0x06E677, 0x034F90, 0x0594B9, 0x02C38C,
- 0x07B649, 0x060F2F, 0x05CB3C, 0x059BE7, 0x0545A7, 0x02B00C, 0x03DD11, 0x025E87,
- 0x080000, 0x0B18A8, 0x0F41E8, 0x1529A5, 0x0A73D7, 0x0B2BBB, 0x178F2F, 0x139264,
- 0x080000, 0x0776CF, 0x120812, 0x0BFCD9, 0x05F402, 0x0308EF, 0x0841DC, 0x052A8E,
- 0x10FC3E, 0x0EE297, 0x13FD69, 0x0FB4B9, 0x0A40C8, 0x053A1A, 0x0AD186, 0x04B442,
- 0x11A37B, 0x187727, 0x0FDFD4, 0x1604B0, 0x0E8000, 0x141CB1, 0x0C9235, 0x0FCD4D,
- 0x11A37B, 0x0FDFD4, 0x0EE297, 0x118DC0, 0x09788F, 0x0F0362, 0x06587F, 0x08CD3D,
- 0x0E2463, 0x0CBA43, 0x0A7434, 0x091577, 0x163140, 0x13F8FE, 0x14BDA5, 0x11F992,
- 0x128000, 0x0D5B58, 0x0E890D, 0x0ACD94, 0x093349, 0x046A15, 0x0770F7, 0x03AF65,
- 0x0A4861, 0x08143F, 0x07B9A6, 0x077A89, 0x070789, 0x039565, 0x0526C2, 0x0328B4,
- 0x0C0000, 0x10A4FD, 0x16E2DB, 0x1FBE78, 0x0FADC3, 0x10C198, 0x2356C7, 0x1D5B96,
- 0x0C0000, 0x0B3237, 0x1B0C1A, 0x11FB46, 0x08EE03, 0x048D66, 0x0C62CA, 0x07BFD5,
- 0x197A5D, 0x1653E3, 0x1DFC1E, 0x178F16, 0x0F612C, 0x07D727, 0x103A49, 0x070E64,
- 0x1A7539, 0x24B2BB, 0x17CFBD, 0x210709, 0x15C000, 0x1E2B0A, 0x12DB4F, 0x17B3F4,
- 0x1A7539, 0x17CFBD, 0x1653E3, 0x1A54A0, 0x0E34D7, 0x168513, 0x0984BE, 0x0D33DC,
- 0x153695, 0x131765, 0x0FAE4E, 0x0DA033, 0x2149E1, 0x1DF57D, 0x1F1C78, 0x1AF65B,
- 0x1BC000, 0x140904, 0x15CD94, 0x10345E, 0x0DCCEE, 0x069F20, 0x0B2972, 0x058718,
- 0x0F6C91, 0x0C1E5E, 0x0B9678, 0x0B37CE, 0x0A8B4E, 0x056018, 0x07BA22, 0x04BD0E,
- 0x110000, 0x179466, 0x206C0C, 0x2CF87F, 0x16362A, 0x17BCED, 0x321044, 0x299714,
- 0x110000, 0x0FDC79, 0x265125, 0x19794E, 0x0CA685, 0x0672FB, 0x118BF4, 0x0AFA6D,
- 0x241804, 0x1FA181, 0x2A7A80, 0x21600A, 0x15C9A9, 0x0B1B77, 0x16FD3C, 0x09FF0D,
- 0x257B66, 0x33FD33, 0x21BBA2, 0x2EC9F7, 0x1ED000, 0x2ABCF9, 0x1AB6B0, 0x219444,
- 0x257B66, 0x21BBA2, 0x1FA181, 0x254D38, 0x142030, 0x1FE730, 0x0D7C0E, 0x12B423,
- 0x1E0D52, 0x1B0BCF, 0x1636EE, 0x134D9E, 0x2F28A9, 0x2A711B, 0x2C12FF, 0x263256,
- 0x275000, 0x1C621B, 0x1EE33C, 0x16F4DB, 0x138CFB, 0x09616E, 0x0FD00C, 0x07D4B7,
- 0x15D9CE, 0x112B06, 0x106A80, 0x0FE464, 0x0EF004, 0x079D77, 0x0AF25B, 0x06B67F,
- 0x160000, 0x1E83CF, 0x29F53D, 0x3A3286, 0x1CBE90, 0x1EB842, 0x40C9C2, 0x35D293,
- 0x160000, 0x1486BA, 0x319630, 0x20F756, 0x105F06, 0x085891, 0x16B51E, 0x0E3506,
- 0x2EB5AA, 0x28EF20, 0x36F8E1, 0x2B30FE, 0x1C3225, 0x0E5FC7, 0x1DC030, 0x0CEFB7,
- 0x308193, 0x4347AC, 0x2BA786, 0x3C8CE5, 0x27E000, 0x374EE7, 0x229212, 0x2B7494,
- 0x308193, 0x2BA786, 0x28EF20, 0x3045D0, 0x1A0B89, 0x29494D, 0x11735D, 0x183469,
- 0x26E410, 0x230039, 0x1CBF8F, 0x18FB09, 0x3D0771, 0x36ECBA, 0x390986, 0x316E52,
- 0x32E000, 0x24BB33, 0x27F8E4, 0x1DB557, 0x194D09, 0x0C23BB, 0x1476A6, 0x0A2256,
- 0x1C470A, 0x1637AD, 0x153E87, 0x1490FA, 0x1354B9, 0x09DAD6, 0x0E2A94, 0x08AFF0,
- 0x1C0000, 0x26D64D, 0x3566AA, 0x4A11C2, 0x249572, 0x27190E, 0x527525, 0x44805E,
- 0x1C0000, 0x1A1FD6, 0x3F1C3E, 0x29F4F9, 0x14D607, 0x0A9F44, 0x1CE683, 0x1214F0,
- 0x3B72D9, 0x341911, 0x45F6F0, 0x36F889, 0x23E2BB, 0x124B5B, 0x25DD54, 0x1076E9,
- 0x3DBC30, 0x55A109, 0x378F64, 0x4D1069, 0x32C000, 0x46646C, 0x2BFFB9, 0x374E8E,
- 0x3DBC30, 0x378F64, 0x341911, 0x3D7020, 0x2125F5, 0x348BD6, 0x1635BC, 0x1ECE57,
- 0x317F5B, 0x2C8BEB, 0x2496B6, 0x1FCB22, 0x4DAC61, 0x45E778, 0x4897C2, 0x3EE97F,
- 0x40C000, 0x2EBFB5, 0x32DFAE, 0x25CF86, 0x203380, 0x0F734B, 0x1A0B5F, 0x0CE5E2,
- 0x23FD53, 0x1C46DC, 0x1B09C4, 0x1A2CE1, 0x189A60, 0x0C8AE2, 0x1207A5, 0x0B0E77,
- 0x220000, 0x2F28CC, 0x40D818, 0x59F0FE, 0x2C6C53, 0x2F79DA, 0x642089, 0x532E29,
- 0x220000, 0x1FB8F1, 0x4CA24B, 0x32F29C, 0x194D09, 0x0CE5F7, 0x2317E8, 0x15F4DB,
- 0x483007, 0x3F4303, 0x54F4FF, 0x42C014, 0x2B9351, 0x1636EE, 0x2DFA79, 0x13FE1A,
- 0x4AF6CC, 0x67FA67, 0x437743, 0x5D93EE, 0x3DA000, 0x5579F1, 0x356D61, 0x432888,
- 0x4AF6CC, 0x437743, 0x3F4303, 0x4A9A70, 0x284060, 0x3FCE60, 0x1AF81B, 0x256845,
- 0x3C1AA5, 0x36179D, 0x2C6DDD, 0x269B3C, 0x5E5152, 0x54E237, 0x5825FE, 0x4C64AD,
- 0x4EA000, 0x38C437, 0x3DC678, 0x2DE9B5, 0x2719F7, 0x12C2DB, 0x1FA018, 0x0FA96E,
- 0x2BB39B, 0x22560C, 0x20D500, 0x1FC8C8, 0x1DE007, 0x0F3AEE, 0x15E4B7, 0x0D6CFE,
- 0x2C0000, 0x3D079E, 0x53EA79, 0x74650C, 0x397D20, 0x3D7083, 0x819383, 0x6BA525,
- 0x2C0000, 0x290D75, 0x632C61, 0x41EEAC, 0x20BE0C, 0x10B121, 0x2D6A3B, 0x1C6A0C,
- 0x5D6B54, 0x51DE40, 0x6DF1C2, 0x5661FB, 0x38644B, 0x1CBF8F, 0x3B8060, 0x19DF6D,
- 0x610326, 0x868F57, 0x574F0B, 0x7919CA, 0x4FC000, 0x6E9DCE, 0x452423, 0x56E928,
- 0x610326, 0x574F0B, 0x51DE40, 0x608BA0, 0x341713, 0x52929A, 0x22E6BA, 0x3068D2,
- 0x4DC821, 0x460071, 0x397F1E, 0x31F611, 0x7A0EE2, 0x6DD974, 0x72130C, 0x62DCA3,
- 0x65C000, 0x497665, 0x4FF1C9, 0x3B6AAE, 0x329A12, 0x184776, 0x28ED4D, 0x1444AC,
- 0x388E14, 0x2C6F5A, 0x2A7D0F, 0x2921F4, 0x26A973, 0x13B5AD, 0x1C5528, 0x115FDF,
+ 0x010000, 0x016315, 0x014E7B, 0x016577, 0x010000, 0x00EEDA, 0x00BE80, 0x00611E,
+ 0x01E83D, 0x02A535, 0x02F1E6, 0x02724C, 0x024102, 0x017F9B, 0x01083C, 0x00A552,
+ 0x02346F, 0x030EE5, 0x02C628, 0x027F20, 0x021F88, 0x01DC53, 0x014819, 0x00A743,
+ 0x01FBFA, 0x02C096, 0x0297B5, 0x023F32, 0x027FAD, 0x01F697, 0x015A31, 0x009688,
+ 0x01D000, 0x028396, 0x02346F, 0x01FBFA, 0x025000, 0x01AB6B, 0x012669, 0x008D43,
+ 0x019247, 0x01F9AA, 0x01DC53, 0x0231B8, 0x01D122, 0x0159B3, 0x00EE1F, 0x0075ED,
+ 0x012F12, 0x01E06C, 0x01C48C, 0x019748, 0x01490C, 0x010288, 0x00E0F1, 0x0072AD,
+ 0x00CB10, 0x0119A8, 0x014E86, 0x0122AF, 0x00F735, 0x00EF51, 0x00A4D8, 0x006517,},
+ 0x015555, 0x01D971, 0x01BDF9, 0x01DC9F, 0x015555, 0x013E78, 0x00FE00, 0x00817D,
+ 0x028AFC, 0x0386F1, 0x03ED33, 0x034311, 0x030158, 0x01FF7A, 0x01604F, 0x00DC6D,
+ 0x02F095, 0x0413DC, 0x03B2E0, 0x03542A, 0x02D4B5, 0x027B19, 0x01B577, 0x00DF04,
+ 0x02A54E, 0x03AB73, 0x0374F1, 0x02FEEE, 0x0354E7, 0x029E1F, 0x01CD96, 0x00C8B6,
+ 0x026AAB, 0x035A1E, 0x02F095, 0x02A54E, 0x031555, 0x0239E4, 0x01888C, 0x00BC59,
+ 0x02185E, 0x02A238, 0x027B19, 0x02ECF5, 0x026C2D, 0x01CCEE, 0x013D7E, 0x009D3C,
+ 0x019418, 0x028090, 0x025B66, 0x021F0B, 0x01B6BB, 0x0158B5, 0x012BEC, 0x0098E6,
+ 0x010EC0, 0x01778A, 0x01BE09, 0x018394, 0x01499C, 0x013F17, 0x00DBCB, 0x0086C9,},
+ 0x01AAAB, 0x024FCE, 0x022D78, 0x0253C7, 0x01AAAB, 0x018E16, 0x013D80, 0x00A1DC,
+ 0x032DBB, 0x0468AD, 0x04E87F, 0x0413D5, 0x03C1AE, 0x027F58, 0x01B863, 0x011388,
+ 0x03ACBA, 0x0518D3, 0x049F98, 0x042935, 0x0389E2, 0x0319DF, 0x0222D4, 0x0116C5,
+ 0x034EA1, 0x04964F, 0x04522D, 0x03BEA9, 0x042A21, 0x0345A7, 0x0240FC, 0x00FAE3,
+ 0x030555, 0x0430A5, 0x03ACBA, 0x034EA1, 0x03DAAB, 0x02C85D, 0x01EAAF, 0x00EB6F,
+ 0x029E76, 0x034AC5, 0x0319DF, 0x03A833, 0x030738, 0x02402A, 0x018CDE, 0x00C48A,
+ 0x01F91E, 0x0320B4, 0x02F23F, 0x02A6CE, 0x022469, 0x01AEE2, 0x0176E7, 0x00BF20,
+ 0x015270, 0x01D56D, 0x022D8B, 0x01E479, 0x019C02, 0x018EDD, 0x0112BE, 0x00A87B,},
+ 0x020000, 0x02C62A, 0x029CF6, 0x02CAEF, 0x020000, 0x01DDB4, 0x017D01, 0x00C23C,
+ 0x03D07A, 0x054A69, 0x05E3CC, 0x04E499, 0x048204, 0x02FF36, 0x021077, 0x014AA3,
+ 0x0468DF, 0x061DCA, 0x058C50, 0x04FE3F, 0x043F0F, 0x03B8A6, 0x029032, 0x014E86,
+ 0x03F7F5, 0x05812C, 0x052F69, 0x047E65, 0x04FF5A, 0x03ED2E, 0x02B461, 0x012D11,
+ 0x03A000, 0x05072C, 0x0468DF, 0x03F7F5, 0x04A000, 0x0356D6, 0x024CD2, 0x011A85,
+ 0x03248D, 0x03F353, 0x03B8A6, 0x046370, 0x03A243, 0x02B365, 0x01DC3E, 0x00EBD9,
+ 0x025E24, 0x03C0D8, 0x038919, 0x032E91, 0x029218, 0x020510, 0x01C1E2, 0x00E559,
+ 0x019620, 0x02334F, 0x029D0D, 0x02455E, 0x01EE69, 0x01DEA2, 0x0149B0, 0x00CA2D,},
+ 0x02AAAB, 0x03B2E3, 0x037BF2, 0x03B93E, 0x02AAAB, 0x027CF0, 0x01FC01, 0x0102FA,
+ 0x0515F8, 0x070DE2, 0x07DA65, 0x068621, 0x0602B1, 0x03FEF3, 0x02C09F, 0x01B8DA,
+ 0x05E129, 0x0827B8, 0x0765C0, 0x06A855, 0x05A96A, 0x04F632, 0x036AED, 0x01BE09,
+ 0x054A9C, 0x0756E5, 0x06E9E2, 0x05FDDB, 0x06A9CE, 0x053C3E, 0x039B2D, 0x01916B,
+ 0x04D555, 0x06B43B, 0x05E129, 0x054A9C, 0x062AAB, 0x0473C8, 0x031118, 0x0178B2,
+ 0x0430BC, 0x05446F, 0x04F632, 0x05D9EB, 0x04D85A, 0x0399DC, 0x027AFD, 0x013A77,
+ 0x032830, 0x050121, 0x04B6CC, 0x043E16, 0x036D76, 0x02B16A, 0x0257D8, 0x0131CC,
+ 0x021D80, 0x02EF14, 0x037C11, 0x030728, 0x029337, 0x027E2E, 0x01B796, 0x010D91,},
+ 0x038000, 0x04DACA, 0x0492AE, 0x04E322, 0x038000, 0x0343FB, 0x029AC1, 0x0153E8,
+ 0x06ACD5, 0x094238, 0x0A4EA5, 0x08900C, 0x07E388, 0x053E9F, 0x039CD0, 0x02429E,
+ 0x07B786, 0x0AB421, 0x09B58C, 0x08BCEF, 0x076E5B, 0x068322, 0x047C57, 0x02496B,
+ 0x06F1ED, 0x09A20D, 0x0912F8, 0x07DD30, 0x08BEDE, 0x06DF11, 0x04BBAB, 0x020EDD,
+ 0x065800, 0x08CC8E, 0x07B786, 0x06F1ED, 0x081800, 0x05D7F7, 0x040670, 0x01EE69,
+ 0x057FF7, 0x06E9D2, 0x068322, 0x07AE04, 0x065BF6, 0x04B9F1, 0x03416C, 0x019CBC,
+ 0x0424BF, 0x06917B, 0x062FEB, 0x05917D, 0x047FAA, 0x0388DC, 0x03134C, 0x01915C,
+ 0x02C6B8, 0x03D9CB, 0x0492D7, 0x03F964, 0x036138, 0x03459C, 0x0240F5, 0x0161CF,},
+ 0x040000, 0x058C54, 0x0539EC, 0x0595DD, 0x040000, 0x03BB68, 0x02FA01, 0x018477,
+ 0x07A0F4, 0x0A94D3, 0x0BC798, 0x09C932, 0x090409, 0x05FE6D, 0x0420EE, 0x029547,
+ 0x08D1BE, 0x0C3B94, 0x0B18A0, 0x09FC7F, 0x087E1F, 0x07714C, 0x052064, 0x029D0D,
+ 0x07EFEA, 0x0B0258, 0x0A5ED3, 0x08FCC9, 0x09FEB5, 0x07DA5D, 0x0568C3, 0x025A21,
+ 0x074000, 0x0A0E59, 0x08D1BE, 0x07EFEA, 0x094000, 0x06ADAC, 0x0499A5, 0x02350B,
+ 0x06491A, 0x07E6A7, 0x07714C, 0x08C6E0, 0x074487, 0x0566CA, 0x03B87B, 0x01D7B3,
+ 0x04BC48, 0x0781B1, 0x071232, 0x065D22, 0x052430, 0x040A20, 0x0383C5, 0x01CAB3,
+ 0x032C3F, 0x04669F, 0x053A1A, 0x048ABC, 0x03DCD3, 0x03BD45, 0x029361, 0x01945A,},
+ 0x050000, 0x06EF69, 0x068867, 0x06FB55, 0x050000, 0x04AA42, 0x03B881, 0x01E595,
+ 0x098931, 0x0D3A07, 0x0EB97E, 0x0C3B7E, 0x0B450B, 0x077E08, 0x05292A, 0x033A99,
+ 0x0B062D, 0x0F4A78, 0x0DDEC8, 0x0C7B9F, 0x0A9DA7, 0x094D9F, 0x06687D, 0x034450,
+ 0x09EBE4, 0x0DC2EE, 0x0CF687, 0x0B3BFB, 0x0C7E62, 0x09D0F4, 0x06C2F4, 0x02F0AA,
+ 0x091000, 0x0C91EF, 0x0B062D, 0x09EBE4, 0x0B9000, 0x085917, 0x05C00E, 0x02C24D,
+ 0x07DB61, 0x09E050, 0x094D9F, 0x0AF898, 0x0915A8, 0x06C07D, 0x04A69A, 0x024D9F,
+ 0x05EB59, 0x09621D, 0x08D6BE, 0x07F46A, 0x066D3C, 0x050CA7, 0x0464B6, 0x023D5F,
+ 0x03F74F, 0x058046, 0x0688A0, 0x05AD6B, 0x04D407, 0x04AC96, 0x033839, 0x01F971,},
+ 0x060000, 0x08527E, 0x07D6E1, 0x0860CC, 0x060000, 0x05991C, 0x047702, 0x0246B3,
+ 0x0B716E, 0x0FDF3C, 0x11AB63, 0x0EADCB, 0x0D860D, 0x08FDA3, 0x063165, 0x03DFEA,
+ 0x0D3A9C, 0x12595D, 0x10A4F0, 0x0EFABE, 0x0CBD2E, 0x0B29F1, 0x07B096, 0x03EB93,
+ 0x0BE7DF, 0x108384, 0x0F8E3C, 0x0D7B2E, 0x0EFE0F, 0x0BC78B, 0x081D24, 0x038732,
+ 0x0AE000, 0x0F1585, 0x0D3A9C, 0x0BE7DF, 0x0DE000, 0x0A0482, 0x06E677, 0x034F90,
+ 0x096DA8, 0x0BD9FA, 0x0B29F1, 0x0D2A50, 0x0AE6CA, 0x081A2F, 0x0594B9, 0x02C38C,
+ 0x071A6B, 0x0B4289, 0x0A9B4A, 0x098BB2, 0x07B649, 0x060F2F, 0x0545A7, 0x02B00C,
+ 0x04C25F, 0x0699EE, 0x07D727, 0x06D01A, 0x05CB3C, 0x059BE7, 0x03DD11, 0x025E87,},
+ 0x080000, 0x0B18A8, 0x0A73D7, 0x0B2BBB, 0x080000, 0x0776CF, 0x05F402, 0x0308EF,
+ 0x0F41E8, 0x1529A5, 0x178F2F, 0x139264, 0x120812, 0x0BFCD9, 0x0841DC, 0x052A8E,
+ 0x11A37B, 0x187727, 0x163140, 0x13F8FE, 0x10FC3E, 0x0EE297, 0x0A40C8, 0x053A1A,
+ 0x0FDFD4, 0x1604B0, 0x14BDA5, 0x11F992, 0x13FD69, 0x0FB4B9, 0x0AD186, 0x04B442,
+ 0x0E8000, 0x141CB1, 0x11A37B, 0x0FDFD4, 0x128000, 0x0D5B58, 0x093349, 0x046A15,
+ 0x0C9235, 0x0FCD4D, 0x0EE297, 0x118DC0, 0x0E890D, 0x0ACD94, 0x0770F7, 0x03AF65,
+ 0x09788F, 0x0F0362, 0x0E2463, 0x0CBA43, 0x0A4861, 0x08143F, 0x070789, 0x039565,
+ 0x06587F, 0x08CD3D, 0x0A7434, 0x091577, 0x07B9A6, 0x077A89, 0x0526C2, 0x0328B4,},
+ 0x0C0000, 0x10A4FD, 0x0FADC3, 0x10C198, 0x0C0000, 0x0B3237, 0x08EE03, 0x048D66,
+ 0x16E2DB, 0x1FBE78, 0x2356C7, 0x1D5B96, 0x1B0C1A, 0x11FB46, 0x0C62CA, 0x07BFD5,
+ 0x1A7539, 0x24B2BB, 0x2149E1, 0x1DF57D, 0x197A5D, 0x1653E3, 0x0F612C, 0x07D727,
+ 0x17CFBD, 0x210709, 0x1F1C78, 0x1AF65B, 0x1DFC1E, 0x178F16, 0x103A49, 0x070E64,
+ 0x15C000, 0x1E2B0A, 0x1A7539, 0x17CFBD, 0x1BC000, 0x140904, 0x0DCCEE, 0x069F20,
+ 0x12DB4F, 0x17B3F4, 0x1653E3, 0x1A54A0, 0x15CD94, 0x10345E, 0x0B2972, 0x058718,
+ 0x0E34D7, 0x168513, 0x153695, 0x131765, 0x0F6C91, 0x0C1E5E, 0x0A8B4E, 0x056018,
+ 0x0984BE, 0x0D33DC, 0x0FAE4E, 0x0DA033, 0x0B9678, 0x0B37CE, 0x07BA22, 0x04BD0E,},
+ 0x110000, 0x179466, 0x16362A, 0x17BCED, 0x110000, 0x0FDC79, 0x0CA685, 0x0672FB,
+ 0x206C0C, 0x2CF87F, 0x321044, 0x299714, 0x265125, 0x19794E, 0x118BF4, 0x0AFA6D,
+ 0x257B66, 0x33FD33, 0x2F28A9, 0x2A711B, 0x241804, 0x1FA181, 0x15C9A9, 0x0B1B77,
+ 0x21BBA2, 0x2EC9F7, 0x2C12FF, 0x263256, 0x2A7A80, 0x21600A, 0x16FD3C, 0x09FF0D,
+ 0x1ED000, 0x2ABCF9, 0x257B66, 0x21BBA2, 0x275000, 0x1C621B, 0x138CFB, 0x09616E,
+ 0x1AB6B0, 0x219444, 0x1FA181, 0x254D38, 0x1EE33C, 0x16F4DB, 0x0FD00C, 0x07D4B7,
+ 0x142030, 0x1FE730, 0x1E0D52, 0x1B0BCF, 0x15D9CE, 0x112B06, 0x0EF004, 0x079D77,
+ 0x0D7C0E, 0x12B423, 0x1636EE, 0x134D9E, 0x106A80, 0x0FE464, 0x0AF25B, 0x06B67F,},
+ 0x160000, 0x1E83CF, 0x1CBE90, 0x1EB842, 0x160000, 0x1486BA, 0x105F06, 0x085891,
+ 0x29F53D, 0x3A3286, 0x40C9C2, 0x35D293, 0x319630, 0x20F756, 0x16B51E, 0x0E3506,
+ 0x308193, 0x4347AC, 0x3D0771, 0x36ECBA, 0x2EB5AA, 0x28EF20, 0x1C3225, 0x0E5FC7,
+ 0x2BA786, 0x3C8CE5, 0x390986, 0x316E52, 0x36F8E1, 0x2B30FE, 0x1DC030, 0x0CEFB7,
+ 0x27E000, 0x374EE7, 0x308193, 0x2BA786, 0x32E000, 0x24BB33, 0x194D09, 0x0C23BB,
+ 0x229212, 0x2B7494, 0x28EF20, 0x3045D0, 0x27F8E4, 0x1DB557, 0x1476A6, 0x0A2256,
+ 0x1A0B89, 0x29494D, 0x26E410, 0x230039, 0x1C470A, 0x1637AD, 0x1354B9, 0x09DAD6,
+ 0x11735D, 0x183469, 0x1CBF8F, 0x18FB09, 0x153E87, 0x1490FA, 0x0E2A94, 0x08AFF0,},
+ 0x1C0000, 0x26D64D, 0x249572, 0x27190E, 0x1C0000, 0x1A1FD6, 0x14D607, 0x0A9F44,
+ 0x3566AA, 0x4A11C2, 0x527525, 0x44805E, 0x3F1C3E, 0x29F4F9, 0x1CE683, 0x1214F0,
+ 0x3DBC30, 0x55A109, 0x4DAC61, 0x45E778, 0x3B72D9, 0x341911, 0x23E2BB, 0x124B5B,
+ 0x378F64, 0x4D1069, 0x4897C2, 0x3EE97F, 0x45F6F0, 0x36F889, 0x25DD54, 0x1076E9,
+ 0x32C000, 0x46646C, 0x3DBC30, 0x378F64, 0x40C000, 0x2EBFB5, 0x203380, 0x0F734B,
+ 0x2BFFB9, 0x374E8E, 0x341911, 0x3D7020, 0x32DFAE, 0x25CF86, 0x1A0B5F, 0x0CE5E2,
+ 0x2125F5, 0x348BD6, 0x317F5B, 0x2C8BEB, 0x23FD53, 0x1C46DC, 0x189A60, 0x0C8AE2,
+ 0x1635BC, 0x1ECE57, 0x2496B6, 0x1FCB22, 0x1B09C4, 0x1A2CE1, 0x1207A5, 0x0B0E77,},
+ 0x220000, 0x2F28CC, 0x2C6C53, 0x2F79DA, 0x220000, 0x1FB8F1, 0x194D09, 0x0CE5F7,
+ 0x40D818, 0x59F0FE, 0x642089, 0x532E29, 0x4CA24B, 0x32F29C, 0x2317E8, 0x15F4DB,
+ 0x4AF6CC, 0x67FA67, 0x5E5152, 0x54E237, 0x483007, 0x3F4303, 0x2B9351, 0x1636EE,
+ 0x437743, 0x5D93EE, 0x5825FE, 0x4C64AD, 0x54F4FF, 0x42C014, 0x2DFA79, 0x13FE1A,
+ 0x3DA000, 0x5579F1, 0x4AF6CC, 0x437743, 0x4EA000, 0x38C437, 0x2719F7, 0x12C2DB,
+ 0x356D61, 0x432888, 0x3F4303, 0x4A9A70, 0x3DC678, 0x2DE9B5, 0x1FA018, 0x0FA96E,
+ 0x284060, 0x3FCE60, 0x3C1AA5, 0x36179D, 0x2BB39B, 0x22560C, 0x1DE007, 0x0F3AEE,
+ 0x1AF81B, 0x256845, 0x2C6DDD, 0x269B3C, 0x20D500, 0x1FC8C8, 0x15E4B7, 0x0D6CFE,},
+ 0x2C0000, 0x3D079E, 0x397D20, 0x3D7083, 0x2C0000, 0x290D75, 0x20BE0C, 0x10B121,
+ 0x53EA79, 0x74650C, 0x819383, 0x6BA525, 0x632C61, 0x41EEAC, 0x2D6A3B, 0x1C6A0C,
+ 0x610326, 0x868F57, 0x7A0EE2, 0x6DD974, 0x5D6B54, 0x51DE40, 0x38644B, 0x1CBF8F,
+ 0x574F0B, 0x7919CA, 0x72130C, 0x62DCA3, 0x6DF1C2, 0x5661FB, 0x3B8060, 0x19DF6D,
+ 0x4FC000, 0x6E9DCE, 0x610326, 0x574F0B, 0x65C000, 0x497665, 0x329A12, 0x184776,
+ 0x452423, 0x56E928, 0x51DE40, 0x608BA0, 0x4FF1C9, 0x3B6AAE, 0x28ED4D, 0x1444AC,
+ 0x341713, 0x52929A, 0x4DC821, 0x460071, 0x388E14, 0x2C6F5A, 0x26A973, 0x13B5AD,
+ 0x22E6BA, 0x3068D2, 0x397F1E, 0x31F611, 0x2A7D0F, 0x2921F4, 0x1C5528, 0x115FDF,},
 static const uint32_t bink_inter_quant[16][64] = {
- 0x010000, 0x017946, 0x01A5A9, 0x0248DC, 0x016363, 0x0152A7, 0x0243EC, 0x0209EA,
- 0x012000, 0x00E248, 0x01BBDA, 0x015CBC, 0x00A486, 0x0053E0, 0x00F036, 0x008095,
- 0x01B701, 0x016959, 0x01B0B9, 0x0153FD, 0x00F8E7, 0x007EE4, 0x00EA30, 0x007763,
- 0x01B701, 0x0260EB, 0x019DE9, 0x023E1B, 0x017000, 0x01FE6E, 0x012DB5, 0x01A27B,
- 0x01E0D1, 0x01B0B9, 0x018A33, 0x01718D, 0x00D87A, 0x014449, 0x007B9A, 0x00AB71,
- 0x013178, 0x0112EA, 0x00AD08, 0x009BB9, 0x023D97, 0x020437, 0x021CCC, 0x01E6B4,
- 0x018000, 0x012DB5, 0x0146D9, 0x0100CE, 0x00CFD2, 0x006E5C, 0x00B0E4, 0x005A2D,
- 0x00E9CC, 0x00B7B1, 0x00846F, 0x006B85, 0x008337, 0x0042E5, 0x004A10, 0x002831,
- 0x015555, 0x01F708, 0x023237, 0x030BD0, 0x01D9D9, 0x01C389, 0x03053B, 0x02B7E3,
- 0x018000, 0x012DB5, 0x024FCE, 0x01D0FA, 0x00DB5D, 0x006FD5, 0x014048, 0x00AB71,
- 0x024957, 0x01E1CC, 0x0240F7, 0x01C551, 0x014BDE, 0x00A92F, 0x013840, 0x009F2F,
- 0x024957, 0x032BE4, 0x0227E1, 0x02FD7A, 0x01EAAB, 0x02A893, 0x019247, 0x022DF9,
- 0x028116, 0x0240F7, 0x020D99, 0x01ECBC, 0x0120A3, 0x01B061, 0x00A4CE, 0x00E497,
- 0x01974B, 0x016E8E, 0x00E6B5, 0x00CFA2, 0x02FCC9, 0x02B04A, 0x02D110, 0x0288F1,
- 0x020000, 0x019247, 0x01B3CC, 0x015668, 0x011518, 0x009325, 0x00EBDA, 0x00783D,
- 0x0137BB, 0x00F4ED, 0x00B093, 0x008F5C, 0x00AEF4, 0x005931, 0x0062BF, 0x003597,
- 0x01AAAB, 0x0274CB, 0x02BEC4, 0x03CEC4, 0x02504F, 0x02346C, 0x03C689, 0x0365DC,
- 0x01E000, 0x017922, 0x02E3C1, 0x024539, 0x011235, 0x008BCA, 0x01905A, 0x00D64D,
- 0x02DBAD, 0x025A40, 0x02D134, 0x0236A5, 0x019ED6, 0x00D37B, 0x018650, 0x00C6FB,
- 0x02DBAD, 0x03F6DD, 0x02B1D9, 0x03BCD8, 0x026555, 0x0352B8, 0x01F6D8, 0x02B977,
- 0x03215C, 0x02D134, 0x029100, 0x0267EB, 0x0168CC, 0x021C7A, 0x00CE01, 0x011DBD,
- 0x01FD1E, 0x01CA31, 0x012062, 0x01038A, 0x03BBFB, 0x035C5C, 0x038554, 0x032B2D,
- 0x028000, 0x01F6D8, 0x0220C0, 0x01AC02, 0x015A5E, 0x00B7EF, 0x0126D1, 0x00964C,
- 0x0185A9, 0x013228, 0x00DCB8, 0x00B333, 0x00DAB2, 0x006F7D, 0x007B6F, 0x0042FC,
- 0x020000, 0x02F28D, 0x034B52, 0x0491B8, 0x02C6C5, 0x02A54E, 0x0487D8, 0x0413D5,
- 0x024000, 0x01C48F, 0x0377B5, 0x02B977, 0x01490C, 0x00A7BF, 0x01E06C, 0x01012A,
- 0x036E03, 0x02D2B3, 0x036172, 0x02A7FA, 0x01F1CE, 0x00FDC7, 0x01D460, 0x00EEC7,
- 0x036E03, 0x04C1D6, 0x033BD1, 0x047C37, 0x02E000, 0x03FCDD, 0x025B6A, 0x0344F5,
- 0x03C1A1, 0x036172, 0x031466, 0x02E31B, 0x01B0F5, 0x028892, 0x00F735, 0x0156E2,
- 0x0262F1, 0x0225D5, 0x015A10, 0x013772, 0x047B2D, 0x04086E, 0x043998, 0x03CD69,
- 0x030000, 0x025B6A, 0x028DB3, 0x02019B, 0x019FA3, 0x00DCB8, 0x0161C7, 0x00B45B,
- 0x01D398, 0x016F63, 0x0108DD, 0x00D70A, 0x01066F, 0x0085C9, 0x00941F, 0x005062,
- 0x02AAAB, 0x03EE11, 0x04646D, 0x0617A0, 0x03B3B2, 0x038713, 0x060A75, 0x056FC6,
- 0x030000, 0x025B6A, 0x049F9B, 0x03A1F4, 0x01B6BB, 0x00DFAA, 0x028090, 0x0156E2,
- 0x0492AE, 0x03C399, 0x0481ED, 0x038AA2, 0x0297BD, 0x01525F, 0x027080, 0x013E5E,
- 0x0492AE, 0x0657C8, 0x044FC1, 0x05FAF4, 0x03D555, 0x055126, 0x03248D, 0x045BF2,
- 0x05022D, 0x0481ED, 0x041B33, 0x03D979, 0x024147, 0x0360C3, 0x01499C, 0x01C92E,
- 0x032E96, 0x02DD1C, 0x01CD6A, 0x019F43, 0x05F991, 0x056093, 0x05A220, 0x0511E1,
- 0x040000, 0x03248D, 0x036799, 0x02ACCF, 0x022A2F, 0x01264B, 0x01D7B5, 0x00F079,
- 0x026F75, 0x01E9D9, 0x016127, 0x011EB8, 0x015DE9, 0x00B262, 0x00C57F, 0x006B2D,
- 0x038000, 0x052876, 0x05C3CF, 0x07FF02, 0x04DBD9, 0x04A148, 0x07EDBA, 0x0722B4,
- 0x03F000, 0x0317FB, 0x06117C, 0x04C491, 0x023FD5, 0x01258F, 0x0348BD, 0x01C209,
- 0x060085, 0x04F0B9, 0x05EA87, 0x04A5F5, 0x036728, 0x01BC1C, 0x0333A8, 0x01A1DB,
- 0x060085, 0x085336, 0x05A8AE, 0x07D960, 0x050800, 0x06FA82, 0x041FF9, 0x05B8AE,
- 0x0692DA, 0x05EA87, 0x0563B2, 0x050D6E, 0x02F5AD, 0x046F00, 0x01B09C, 0x02580C,
- 0x042D25, 0x03C235, 0x025D9B, 0x022108, 0x07D78F, 0x070EC1, 0x0764CA, 0x06A777,
- 0x054000, 0x041FF9, 0x0477F9, 0x0382D0, 0x02D75E, 0x018242, 0x026B1D, 0x013B9F,
- 0x03324A, 0x0282ED, 0x01CF83, 0x017851, 0x01CB42, 0x00EA21, 0x010336, 0x008CAC,
- 0x040000, 0x05E519, 0x0696A4, 0x092370, 0x058D8A, 0x054A9C, 0x090FB0, 0x0827AA,
- 0x048000, 0x03891F, 0x06EF69, 0x0572EE, 0x029218, 0x014F7E, 0x03C0D8, 0x020254,
- 0x06DC05, 0x05A565, 0x06C2E4, 0x054FF3, 0x03E39B, 0x01FB8E, 0x03A8C0, 0x01DD8D,
- 0x06DC05, 0x0983AC, 0x0677A2, 0x08F86E, 0x05C000, 0x07F9B9, 0x04B6D4, 0x0689EB,
- 0x078343, 0x06C2E4, 0x0628CC, 0x05C635, 0x0361EA, 0x051124, 0x01EE69, 0x02ADC5,
- 0x04C5E1, 0x044BAA, 0x02B41F, 0x026EE5, 0x08F65A, 0x0810DD, 0x087330, 0x079AD1,
- 0x060000, 0x04B6D4, 0x051B65, 0x040337, 0x033F47, 0x01B970, 0x02C38F, 0x0168B6,
- 0x03A730, 0x02DEC6, 0x0211BA, 0x01AE14, 0x020CDD, 0x010B93, 0x01283E, 0x00A0C4,
- 0x050000, 0x075E60, 0x083C4D, 0x0B6C4C, 0x06F0ED, 0x069D43, 0x0B539C, 0x0A3194,
- 0x05A000, 0x046B67, 0x08AB44, 0x06CFAA, 0x03369E, 0x01A35E, 0x04B10F, 0x0282E8,
- 0x089307, 0x070EBF, 0x08739C, 0x06A3F0, 0x04DC82, 0x027A72, 0x0492F0, 0x0254F0,
- 0x089307, 0x0BE497, 0x08158B, 0x0B3689, 0x073000, 0x09F827, 0x05E489, 0x082C66,
- 0x096413, 0x08739C, 0x07B2FF, 0x0737C2, 0x043A64, 0x06556D, 0x026A04, 0x035936,
- 0x05F75A, 0x055E94, 0x036127, 0x030A9E, 0x0B33F1, 0x0A1514, 0x0A8FFC, 0x098186,
- 0x078000, 0x05E489, 0x06623F, 0x050405, 0x040F19, 0x0227CC, 0x037473, 0x01C2E3,
- 0x0490FC, 0x039677, 0x029629, 0x021999, 0x029015, 0x014E78, 0x01724E, 0x00C8F5,
- 0x060000, 0x08D7A6, 0x09E1F6, 0x0DB528, 0x085450, 0x07EFEA, 0x0D9788, 0x0C3B7E,
- 0x06C000, 0x054DAE, 0x0A671E, 0x082C66, 0x03DB24, 0x01F73E, 0x05A145, 0x03037D,
- 0x0A4A08, 0x087818, 0x0A2455, 0x07F7ED, 0x05D569, 0x02F955, 0x057D20, 0x02CC54,
- 0x0A4A08, 0x0E4582, 0x09B373, 0x0D74A5, 0x08A000, 0x0BF696, 0x07123E, 0x09CEE0,
- 0x0B44E4, 0x0A2455, 0x093D32, 0x08A950, 0x0512DF, 0x0799B6, 0x02E59E, 0x0404A7,
- 0x0728D2, 0x06717F, 0x040E2F, 0x03A657, 0x0D7187, 0x0C194B, 0x0CACC8, 0x0B683A,
- 0x090000, 0x07123E, 0x07A918, 0x0604D2, 0x04DEEA, 0x029629, 0x042556, 0x021D11,
- 0x057AC8, 0x044E28, 0x031A97, 0x02851E, 0x03134C, 0x01915C, 0x01BC5D, 0x00F126,
- 0x080000, 0x0BCA33, 0x0D2D48, 0x1246E0, 0x0B1B15, 0x0A9538, 0x121F5F, 0x104F53,
- 0x090000, 0x07123E, 0x0DDED2, 0x0AE5DD, 0x052430, 0x029EFD, 0x0781B1, 0x0404A7,
- 0x0DB80B, 0x0B4ACB, 0x0D85C7, 0x0A9FE7, 0x07C736, 0x03F71D, 0x075180, 0x03BB1A,
- 0x0DB80B, 0x130757, 0x0CEF44, 0x11F0DC, 0x0B8000, 0x0FF372, 0x096DA8, 0x0D13D6,
- 0x0F0686, 0x0D85C7, 0x0C5198, 0x0B8C6A, 0x06C3D4, 0x0A2248, 0x03DCD3, 0x055B8A,
- 0x098BC3, 0x089754, 0x05683E, 0x04DDC9, 0x11ECB4, 0x1021B9, 0x10E661, 0x0F35A3,
- 0x0C0000, 0x096DA8, 0x0A36CB, 0x08066E, 0x067E8E, 0x0372E1, 0x05871E, 0x02D16B,
- 0x074E60, 0x05BD8B, 0x042374, 0x035C28, 0x0419BB, 0x021726, 0x02507C, 0x014188,
- 0x0C0000, 0x11AF4C, 0x13C3EC, 0x1B6A50, 0x10A89F, 0x0FDFD4, 0x1B2F0F, 0x1876FD,
- 0x0D8000, 0x0A9B5D, 0x14CE3C, 0x1058CB, 0x07B649, 0x03EE7B, 0x0B4289, 0x0606FB,
- 0x149410, 0x10F030, 0x1448AB, 0x0FEFDA, 0x0BAAD2, 0x05F2AB, 0x0AFA40, 0x0598A7,
- 0x149410, 0x1C8B03, 0x1366E6, 0x1AE949, 0x114000, 0x17ED2B, 0x0E247C, 0x139DC1,
- 0x1689C8, 0x1448AB, 0x127A63, 0x11529F, 0x0A25BE, 0x0F336D, 0x05CB3C, 0x08094E,
- 0x0E51A4, 0x0CE2FE, 0x081C5D, 0x074CAE, 0x1AE30E, 0x183296, 0x195991, 0x16D074,
- 0x120000, 0x0E247C, 0x0F5230, 0x0C09A5, 0x09BDD5, 0x052C51, 0x084AAC, 0x043A21,
- 0x0AF590, 0x089C51, 0x06352E, 0x050A3B, 0x062698, 0x0322B9, 0x0378BA, 0x01E24D,
- 0x110000, 0x190DAC, 0x1C0039, 0x26D69C, 0x17998C, 0x167D16, 0x2682AB, 0x22A891,
- 0x132000, 0x0F06C3, 0x1D797F, 0x172876, 0x0AECE7, 0x0591D9, 0x0FF398, 0x0889E3,
- 0x1D2717, 0x17FEEF, 0x1CBC47, 0x1693CA, 0x108754, 0x086D1D, 0x0F8D30, 0x07ED98,
- 0x1D2717, 0x286F9A, 0x1B7C71, 0x261FD3, 0x187000, 0x21E552, 0x140904, 0x1BCA27,
- 0x1FEDDC, 0x1CBC47, 0x1A2D62, 0x188A62, 0x0E6022, 0x1588DA, 0x083540, 0x0B6284,
- 0x1448FE, 0x124192, 0x0B7D84, 0x0A574B, 0x2616FF, 0x2247AA, 0x23E98D, 0x2051FA,
- 0x198000, 0x140904, 0x15B46F, 0x110DAA, 0x0DCCEE, 0x07541E, 0x0BBF1F, 0x05FD04,
- 0x0F868B, 0x0C32C8, 0x08CB57, 0x0723D4, 0x08B6AD, 0x047130, 0x04EB08, 0x02AB42,
- 0x160000, 0x206C0C, 0x243C86, 0x3242E8, 0x1E8A79, 0x1D1A59, 0x31D646, 0x2CDA25,
- 0x18C000, 0x13722A, 0x2624C3, 0x1DF820, 0x0E2385, 0x073537, 0x14A4A7, 0x0B0CCC,
- 0x25BA1D, 0x1F0DAE, 0x252FE4, 0x1D37BB, 0x1563D6, 0x0AE78E, 0x142021, 0x0A4288,
- 0x25BA1D, 0x345430, 0x2391FB, 0x31565C, 0x1FA000, 0x2BDD7A, 0x19ED8D, 0x23F68C,
- 0x2951EF, 0x252FE4, 0x21E061, 0x1FC224, 0x129A87, 0x1BDE47, 0x0A9F44, 0x0EBBBA,
- 0x1A4058, 0x17A026, 0x0EDEAB, 0x0D61E9, 0x314AEF, 0x2C5CBE, 0x2E798A, 0x29D380,
- 0x210000, 0x19ED8D, 0x1C16AE, 0x1611AE, 0x11DC06, 0x097BEA, 0x0F3391, 0x07BFE7,
- 0x141787, 0x0FC93E, 0x0B617F, 0x093D6D, 0x0B46C1, 0x05BFA8, 0x065D55, 0x037437,
- 0x1C0000, 0x2943B2, 0x2E1E7C, 0x3FF810, 0x26DEC9, 0x250A43, 0x3F6DCE, 0x3915A3,
- 0x1F8000, 0x18BFD8, 0x308BE1, 0x262485, 0x11FEA9, 0x092C75, 0x1A45EB, 0x0E1049,
- 0x300425, 0x2785C6, 0x2F5439, 0x252FA8, 0x1B393F, 0x0DE0E4, 0x199D41, 0x0D0EDC,
- 0x300425, 0x4299B2, 0x2D456E, 0x3ECB00, 0x284000, 0x37D40F, 0x20FFCB, 0x2DC56D,
- 0x3496D3, 0x2F5439, 0x2B1D93, 0x286B74, 0x17AD66, 0x2377FE, 0x0D84E2, 0x12C062,
- 0x21692A, 0x1E11A5, 0x12ECDA, 0x110840, 0x3EBC76, 0x387608, 0x3B2652, 0x353BBA,
- 0x2A0000, 0x20FFCB, 0x23BFC6, 0x1C1681, 0x16BAF1, 0x0C1213, 0x1358E8, 0x09DCF8,
- 0x19924F, 0x141767, 0x0E7C16, 0x0BC28A, 0x0E5A0D, 0x075104, 0x0819B2, 0x04655D,
- 0x220000, 0x321B58, 0x380072, 0x4DAD38, 0x2F3318, 0x2CFA2D, 0x4D0556, 0x455122,
- 0x264000, 0x1E0D86, 0x3AF2FE, 0x2E50EB, 0x15D9CE, 0x0B23B2, 0x1FE730, 0x1113C7,
- 0x3A4E2D, 0x2FFDDF, 0x39788E, 0x2D2795, 0x210EA8, 0x10DA39, 0x1F1A61, 0x0FDB2F,
- 0x3A4E2D, 0x50DF33, 0x36F8E1, 0x4C3FA5, 0x30E000, 0x43CAA5, 0x281209, 0x37944D,
- 0x3FDBB7, 0x39788E, 0x345AC4, 0x3114C3, 0x1CC044, 0x2B11B4, 0x106A80, 0x16C509,
- 0x2891FC, 0x248324, 0x16FB08, 0x14AE97, 0x4C2DFD, 0x448F54, 0x47D31B, 0x40A3F5,
- 0x330000, 0x281209, 0x2B68DF, 0x221B53, 0x1B99DB, 0x0EA83B, 0x177E3E, 0x0BFA09,
- 0x1F0D17, 0x18658F, 0x1196AE, 0x0E47A8, 0x116D5A, 0x08E260, 0x09D60F, 0x055684,
- 0x2C0000, 0x40D818, 0x48790C, 0x6485D0, 0x3D14F2, 0x3A34B2, 0x63AC8D, 0x59B44A,
- 0x318000, 0x26E454, 0x4C4986, 0x3BF03F, 0x1C470A, 0x0E6A6E, 0x29494D, 0x161998,
- 0x4B743A, 0x3E1B5C, 0x4A5FC7, 0x3A6F75, 0x2AC7AC, 0x15CF1D, 0x284041, 0x148510,
- 0x4B743A, 0x68A861, 0x4723F6, 0x62ACB8, 0x3F4000, 0x57BAF3, 0x33DB1A, 0x47ED19,
- 0x52A3DE, 0x4A5FC7, 0x43C0C2, 0x3F8448, 0x25350D, 0x37BC8E, 0x153E87, 0x1D7775,
- 0x3480B0, 0x2F404C, 0x1DBD56, 0x1AC3D2, 0x6295DE, 0x58B97B, 0x5CF313, 0x53A701,
- 0x420000, 0x33DB1A, 0x382D5C, 0x2C235D, 0x23B80D, 0x12F7D4, 0x1E6723, 0x0F7FCF,
- 0x282F0E, 0x1F927D, 0x16C2FF, 0x127AD9, 0x168D83, 0x0B7F50, 0x0CBAAA, 0x06E86E,
+ 0x010000, 0x017946, 0x016363, 0x0152A7, 0x012000, 0x00E248, 0x00A486, 0x0053E0,
+ 0x01A5A9, 0x0248DC, 0x0243EC, 0x0209EA, 0x01BBDA, 0x015CBC, 0x00F036, 0x008095,
+ 0x01B701, 0x0260EB, 0x023D97, 0x020437, 0x01B701, 0x016959, 0x00F8E7, 0x007EE4,
+ 0x019DE9, 0x023E1B, 0x021CCC, 0x01E6B4, 0x01B0B9, 0x0153FD, 0x00EA30, 0x007763,
+ 0x017000, 0x01FE6E, 0x01E0D1, 0x01B0B9, 0x018000, 0x012DB5, 0x00CFD2, 0x006E5C,
+ 0x012DB5, 0x01A27B, 0x018A33, 0x01718D, 0x0146D9, 0x0100CE, 0x00B0E4, 0x005A2D,
+ 0x00D87A, 0x014449, 0x013178, 0x0112EA, 0x00E9CC, 0x00B7B1, 0x008337, 0x0042E5,
+ 0x007B9A, 0x00AB71, 0x00AD08, 0x009BB9, 0x00846F, 0x006B85, 0x004A10, 0x002831,
+ 0x015555, 0x01F708, 0x01D9D9, 0x01C389, 0x018000, 0x012DB5, 0x00DB5D, 0x006FD5,
+ 0x023237, 0x030BD0, 0x03053B, 0x02B7E3, 0x024FCE, 0x01D0FA, 0x014048, 0x00AB71,
+ 0x024957, 0x032BE4, 0x02FCC9, 0x02B04A, 0x024957, 0x01E1CC, 0x014BDE, 0x00A92F,
+ 0x0227E1, 0x02FD7A, 0x02D110, 0x0288F1, 0x0240F7, 0x01C551, 0x013840, 0x009F2F,
+ 0x01EAAB, 0x02A893, 0x028116, 0x0240F7, 0x020000, 0x019247, 0x011518, 0x009325,
+ 0x019247, 0x022DF9, 0x020D99, 0x01ECBC, 0x01B3CC, 0x015668, 0x00EBDA, 0x00783D,
+ 0x0120A3, 0x01B061, 0x01974B, 0x016E8E, 0x0137BB, 0x00F4ED, 0x00AEF4, 0x005931,
+ 0x00A4CE, 0x00E497, 0x00E6B5, 0x00CFA2, 0x00B093, 0x008F5C, 0x0062BF, 0x003597,
+ 0x01AAAB, 0x0274CB, 0x02504F, 0x02346C, 0x01E000, 0x017922, 0x011235, 0x008BCA,
+ 0x02BEC4, 0x03CEC4, 0x03C689, 0x0365DC, 0x02E3C1, 0x024539, 0x01905A, 0x00D64D,
+ 0x02DBAD, 0x03F6DD, 0x03BBFB, 0x035C5C, 0x02DBAD, 0x025A40, 0x019ED6, 0x00D37B,
+ 0x02B1D9, 0x03BCD8, 0x038554, 0x032B2D, 0x02D134, 0x0236A5, 0x018650, 0x00C6FB,
+ 0x026555, 0x0352B8, 0x03215C, 0x02D134, 0x028000, 0x01F6D8, 0x015A5E, 0x00B7EF,
+ 0x01F6D8, 0x02B977, 0x029100, 0x0267EB, 0x0220C0, 0x01AC02, 0x0126D1, 0x00964C,
+ 0x0168CC, 0x021C7A, 0x01FD1E, 0x01CA31, 0x0185A9, 0x013228, 0x00DAB2, 0x006F7D,
+ 0x00CE01, 0x011DBD, 0x012062, 0x01038A, 0x00DCB8, 0x00B333, 0x007B6F, 0x0042FC,
+ 0x020000, 0x02F28D, 0x02C6C5, 0x02A54E, 0x024000, 0x01C48F, 0x01490C, 0x00A7BF,
+ 0x034B52, 0x0491B8, 0x0487D8, 0x0413D5, 0x0377B5, 0x02B977, 0x01E06C, 0x01012A,
+ 0x036E03, 0x04C1D6, 0x047B2D, 0x04086E, 0x036E03, 0x02D2B3, 0x01F1CE, 0x00FDC7,
+ 0x033BD1, 0x047C37, 0x043998, 0x03CD69, 0x036172, 0x02A7FA, 0x01D460, 0x00EEC7,
+ 0x02E000, 0x03FCDD, 0x03C1A1, 0x036172, 0x030000, 0x025B6A, 0x019FA3, 0x00DCB8,
+ 0x025B6A, 0x0344F5, 0x031466, 0x02E31B, 0x028DB3, 0x02019B, 0x0161C7, 0x00B45B,
+ 0x01B0F5, 0x028892, 0x0262F1, 0x0225D5, 0x01D398, 0x016F63, 0x01066F, 0x0085C9,
+ 0x00F735, 0x0156E2, 0x015A10, 0x013772, 0x0108DD, 0x00D70A, 0x00941F, 0x005062,
+ 0x02AAAB, 0x03EE11, 0x03B3B2, 0x038713, 0x030000, 0x025B6A, 0x01B6BB, 0x00DFAA,
+ 0x04646D, 0x0617A0, 0x060A75, 0x056FC6, 0x049F9B, 0x03A1F4, 0x028090, 0x0156E2,
+ 0x0492AE, 0x0657C8, 0x05F991, 0x056093, 0x0492AE, 0x03C399, 0x0297BD, 0x01525F,
+ 0x044FC1, 0x05FAF4, 0x05A220, 0x0511E1, 0x0481ED, 0x038AA2, 0x027080, 0x013E5E,
+ 0x03D555, 0x055126, 0x05022D, 0x0481ED, 0x040000, 0x03248D, 0x022A2F, 0x01264B,
+ 0x03248D, 0x045BF2, 0x041B33, 0x03D979, 0x036799, 0x02ACCF, 0x01D7B5, 0x00F079,
+ 0x024147, 0x0360C3, 0x032E96, 0x02DD1C, 0x026F75, 0x01E9D9, 0x015DE9, 0x00B262,
+ 0x01499C, 0x01C92E, 0x01CD6A, 0x019F43, 0x016127, 0x011EB8, 0x00C57F, 0x006B2D,
+ 0x038000, 0x052876, 0x04DBD9, 0x04A148, 0x03F000, 0x0317FB, 0x023FD5, 0x01258F,
+ 0x05C3CF, 0x07FF02, 0x07EDBA, 0x0722B4, 0x06117C, 0x04C491, 0x0348BD, 0x01C209,
+ 0x060085, 0x085336, 0x07D78F, 0x070EC1, 0x060085, 0x04F0B9, 0x036728, 0x01BC1C,
+ 0x05A8AE, 0x07D960, 0x0764CA, 0x06A777, 0x05EA87, 0x04A5F5, 0x0333A8, 0x01A1DB,
+ 0x050800, 0x06FA82, 0x0692DA, 0x05EA87, 0x054000, 0x041FF9, 0x02D75E, 0x018242,
+ 0x041FF9, 0x05B8AE, 0x0563B2, 0x050D6E, 0x0477F9, 0x0382D0, 0x026B1D, 0x013B9F,
+ 0x02F5AD, 0x046F00, 0x042D25, 0x03C235, 0x03324A, 0x0282ED, 0x01CB42, 0x00EA21,
+ 0x01B09C, 0x02580C, 0x025D9B, 0x022108, 0x01CF83, 0x017851, 0x010336, 0x008CAC,
+ 0x040000, 0x05E519, 0x058D8A, 0x054A9C, 0x048000, 0x03891F, 0x029218, 0x014F7E,
+ 0x0696A4, 0x092370, 0x090FB0, 0x0827AA, 0x06EF69, 0x0572EE, 0x03C0D8, 0x020254,
+ 0x06DC05, 0x0983AC, 0x08F65A, 0x0810DD, 0x06DC05, 0x05A565, 0x03E39B, 0x01FB8E,
+ 0x0677A2, 0x08F86E, 0x087330, 0x079AD1, 0x06C2E4, 0x054FF3, 0x03A8C0, 0x01DD8D,
+ 0x05C000, 0x07F9B9, 0x078343, 0x06C2E4, 0x060000, 0x04B6D4, 0x033F47, 0x01B970,
+ 0x04B6D4, 0x0689EB, 0x0628CC, 0x05C635, 0x051B65, 0x040337, 0x02C38F, 0x0168B6,
+ 0x0361EA, 0x051124, 0x04C5E1, 0x044BAA, 0x03A730, 0x02DEC6, 0x020CDD, 0x010B93,
+ 0x01EE69, 0x02ADC5, 0x02B41F, 0x026EE5, 0x0211BA, 0x01AE14, 0x01283E, 0x00A0C4,
+ 0x050000, 0x075E60, 0x06F0ED, 0x069D43, 0x05A000, 0x046B67, 0x03369E, 0x01A35E,
+ 0x083C4D, 0x0B6C4C, 0x0B539C, 0x0A3194, 0x08AB44, 0x06CFAA, 0x04B10F, 0x0282E8,
+ 0x089307, 0x0BE497, 0x0B33F1, 0x0A1514, 0x089307, 0x070EBF, 0x04DC82, 0x027A72,
+ 0x08158B, 0x0B3689, 0x0A8FFC, 0x098186, 0x08739C, 0x06A3F0, 0x0492F0, 0x0254F0,
+ 0x073000, 0x09F827, 0x096413, 0x08739C, 0x078000, 0x05E489, 0x040F19, 0x0227CC,
+ 0x05E489, 0x082C66, 0x07B2FF, 0x0737C2, 0x06623F, 0x050405, 0x037473, 0x01C2E3,
+ 0x043A64, 0x06556D, 0x05F75A, 0x055E94, 0x0490FC, 0x039677, 0x029015, 0x014E78,
+ 0x026A04, 0x035936, 0x036127, 0x030A9E, 0x029629, 0x021999, 0x01724E, 0x00C8F5,
+ 0x060000, 0x08D7A6, 0x085450, 0x07EFEA, 0x06C000, 0x054DAE, 0x03DB24, 0x01F73E,
+ 0x09E1F6, 0x0DB528, 0x0D9788, 0x0C3B7E, 0x0A671E, 0x082C66, 0x05A145, 0x03037D,
+ 0x0A4A08, 0x0E4582, 0x0D7187, 0x0C194B, 0x0A4A08, 0x087818, 0x05D569, 0x02F955,
+ 0x09B373, 0x0D74A5, 0x0CACC8, 0x0B683A, 0x0A2455, 0x07F7ED, 0x057D20, 0x02CC54,
+ 0x08A000, 0x0BF696, 0x0B44E4, 0x0A2455, 0x090000, 0x07123E, 0x04DEEA, 0x029629,
+ 0x07123E, 0x09CEE0, 0x093D32, 0x08A950, 0x07A918, 0x0604D2, 0x042556, 0x021D11,
+ 0x0512DF, 0x0799B6, 0x0728D2, 0x06717F, 0x057AC8, 0x044E28, 0x03134C, 0x01915C,
+ 0x02E59E, 0x0404A7, 0x040E2F, 0x03A657, 0x031A97, 0x02851E, 0x01BC5D, 0x00F126,
+ 0x080000, 0x0BCA33, 0x0B1B15, 0x0A9538, 0x090000, 0x07123E, 0x052430, 0x029EFD,
+ 0x0D2D48, 0x1246E0, 0x121F5F, 0x104F53, 0x0DDED2, 0x0AE5DD, 0x0781B1, 0x0404A7,
+ 0x0DB80B, 0x130757, 0x11ECB4, 0x1021B9, 0x0DB80B, 0x0B4ACB, 0x07C736, 0x03F71D,
+ 0x0CEF44, 0x11F0DC, 0x10E661, 0x0F35A3, 0x0D85C7, 0x0A9FE7, 0x075180, 0x03BB1A,
+ 0x0B8000, 0x0FF372, 0x0F0686, 0x0D85C7, 0x0C0000, 0x096DA8, 0x067E8E, 0x0372E1,
+ 0x096DA8, 0x0D13D6, 0x0C5198, 0x0B8C6A, 0x0A36CB, 0x08066E, 0x05871E, 0x02D16B,
+ 0x06C3D4, 0x0A2248, 0x098BC3, 0x089754, 0x074E60, 0x05BD8B, 0x0419BB, 0x021726,
+ 0x03DCD3, 0x055B8A, 0x05683E, 0x04DDC9, 0x042374, 0x035C28, 0x02507C, 0x014188,
+ 0x0C0000, 0x11AF4C, 0x10A89F, 0x0FDFD4, 0x0D8000, 0x0A9B5D, 0x07B649, 0x03EE7B,
+ 0x13C3EC, 0x1B6A50, 0x1B2F0F, 0x1876FD, 0x14CE3C, 0x1058CB, 0x0B4289, 0x0606FB,
+ 0x149410, 0x1C8B03, 0x1AE30E, 0x183296, 0x149410, 0x10F030, 0x0BAAD2, 0x05F2AB,
+ 0x1366E6, 0x1AE949, 0x195991, 0x16D074, 0x1448AB, 0x0FEFDA, 0x0AFA40, 0x0598A7,
+ 0x114000, 0x17ED2B, 0x1689C8, 0x1448AB, 0x120000, 0x0E247C, 0x09BDD5, 0x052C51,
+ 0x0E247C, 0x139DC1, 0x127A63, 0x11529F, 0x0F5230, 0x0C09A5, 0x084AAC, 0x043A21,
+ 0x0A25BE, 0x0F336D, 0x0E51A4, 0x0CE2FE, 0x0AF590, 0x089C51, 0x062698, 0x0322B9,
+ 0x05CB3C, 0x08094E, 0x081C5D, 0x074CAE, 0x06352E, 0x050A3B, 0x0378BA, 0x01E24D,
+ 0x110000, 0x190DAC, 0x17998C, 0x167D16, 0x132000, 0x0F06C3, 0x0AECE7, 0x0591D9,
+ 0x1C0039, 0x26D69C, 0x2682AB, 0x22A891, 0x1D797F, 0x172876, 0x0FF398, 0x0889E3,
+ 0x1D2717, 0x286F9A, 0x2616FF, 0x2247AA, 0x1D2717, 0x17FEEF, 0x108754, 0x086D1D,
+ 0x1B7C71, 0x261FD3, 0x23E98D, 0x2051FA, 0x1CBC47, 0x1693CA, 0x0F8D30, 0x07ED98,
+ 0x187000, 0x21E552, 0x1FEDDC, 0x1CBC47, 0x198000, 0x140904, 0x0DCCEE, 0x07541E,
+ 0x140904, 0x1BCA27, 0x1A2D62, 0x188A62, 0x15B46F, 0x110DAA, 0x0BBF1F, 0x05FD04,
+ 0x0E6022, 0x1588DA, 0x1448FE, 0x124192, 0x0F868B, 0x0C32C8, 0x08B6AD, 0x047130,
+ 0x083540, 0x0B6284, 0x0B7D84, 0x0A574B, 0x08CB57, 0x0723D4, 0x04EB08, 0x02AB42,
+ 0x160000, 0x206C0C, 0x1E8A79, 0x1D1A59, 0x18C000, 0x13722A, 0x0E2385, 0x073537,
+ 0x243C86, 0x3242E8, 0x31D646, 0x2CDA25, 0x2624C3, 0x1DF820, 0x14A4A7, 0x0B0CCC,
+ 0x25BA1D, 0x345430, 0x314AEF, 0x2C5CBE, 0x25BA1D, 0x1F0DAE, 0x1563D6, 0x0AE78E,
+ 0x2391FB, 0x31565C, 0x2E798A, 0x29D380, 0x252FE4, 0x1D37BB, 0x142021, 0x0A4288,
+ 0x1FA000, 0x2BDD7A, 0x2951EF, 0x252FE4, 0x210000, 0x19ED8D, 0x11DC06, 0x097BEA,
+ 0x19ED8D, 0x23F68C, 0x21E061, 0x1FC224, 0x1C16AE, 0x1611AE, 0x0F3391, 0x07BFE7,
+ 0x129A87, 0x1BDE47, 0x1A4058, 0x17A026, 0x141787, 0x0FC93E, 0x0B46C1, 0x05BFA8,
+ 0x0A9F44, 0x0EBBBA, 0x0EDEAB, 0x0D61E9, 0x0B617F, 0x093D6D, 0x065D55, 0x037437,
+ 0x1C0000, 0x2943B2, 0x26DEC9, 0x250A43, 0x1F8000, 0x18BFD8, 0x11FEA9, 0x092C75,
+ 0x2E1E7C, 0x3FF810, 0x3F6DCE, 0x3915A3, 0x308BE1, 0x262485, 0x1A45EB, 0x0E1049,
+ 0x300425, 0x4299B2, 0x3EBC76, 0x387608, 0x300425, 0x2785C6, 0x1B393F, 0x0DE0E4,
+ 0x2D456E, 0x3ECB00, 0x3B2652, 0x353BBA, 0x2F5439, 0x252FA8, 0x199D41, 0x0D0EDC,
+ 0x284000, 0x37D40F, 0x3496D3, 0x2F5439, 0x2A0000, 0x20FFCB, 0x16BAF1, 0x0C1213,
+ 0x20FFCB, 0x2DC56D, 0x2B1D93, 0x286B74, 0x23BFC6, 0x1C1681, 0x1358E8, 0x09DCF8,
+ 0x17AD66, 0x2377FE, 0x21692A, 0x1E11A5, 0x19924F, 0x141767, 0x0E5A0D, 0x075104,
+ 0x0D84E2, 0x12C062, 0x12ECDA, 0x110840, 0x0E7C16, 0x0BC28A, 0x0819B2, 0x04655D,
+ 0x220000, 0x321B58, 0x2F3318, 0x2CFA2D, 0x264000, 0x1E0D86, 0x15D9CE, 0x0B23B2,
+ 0x380072, 0x4DAD38, 0x4D0556, 0x455122, 0x3AF2FE, 0x2E50EB, 0x1FE730, 0x1113C7,
+ 0x3A4E2D, 0x50DF33, 0x4C2DFD, 0x448F54, 0x3A4E2D, 0x2FFDDF, 0x210EA8, 0x10DA39,
+ 0x36F8E1, 0x4C3FA5, 0x47D31B, 0x40A3F5, 0x39788E, 0x2D2795, 0x1F1A61, 0x0FDB2F,
+ 0x30E000, 0x43CAA5, 0x3FDBB7, 0x39788E, 0x330000, 0x281209, 0x1B99DB, 0x0EA83B,
+ 0x281209, 0x37944D, 0x345AC4, 0x3114C3, 0x2B68DF, 0x221B53, 0x177E3E, 0x0BFA09,
+ 0x1CC044, 0x2B11B4, 0x2891FC, 0x248324, 0x1F0D17, 0x18658F, 0x116D5A, 0x08E260,
+ 0x106A80, 0x16C509, 0x16FB08, 0x14AE97, 0x1196AE, 0x0E47A8, 0x09D60F, 0x055684,
+ 0x2C0000, 0x40D818, 0x3D14F2, 0x3A34B2, 0x318000, 0x26E454, 0x1C470A, 0x0E6A6E,
+ 0x48790C, 0x6485D0, 0x63AC8D, 0x59B44A, 0x4C4986, 0x3BF03F, 0x29494D, 0x161998,
+ 0x4B743A, 0x68A861, 0x6295DE, 0x58B97B, 0x4B743A, 0x3E1B5C, 0x2AC7AC, 0x15CF1D,
+ 0x4723F6, 0x62ACB8, 0x5CF313, 0x53A701, 0x4A5FC7, 0x3A6F75, 0x284041, 0x148510,
+ 0x3F4000, 0x57BAF3, 0x52A3DE, 0x4A5FC7, 0x420000, 0x33DB1A, 0x23B80D, 0x12F7D4,
+ 0x33DB1A, 0x47ED19, 0x43C0C2, 0x3F8448, 0x382D5C, 0x2C235D, 0x1E6723, 0x0F7FCF,
+ 0x25350D, 0x37BC8E, 0x3480B0, 0x2F404C, 0x282F0E, 0x1F927D, 0x168D83, 0x0B7F50,
+ 0x153E87, 0x1D7775, 0x1DBD56, 0x1AC3D2, 0x16C2FF, 0x127AD9, 0x0CBAAA, 0x06E86E,

-- Peter
(A907 E02F A6E5 0CD2 34CD 20D2 6760 79C5 AC40 DD6B)
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