[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Implement AAC Long Term Prediction (LTP) decoding module

Alex Converse alex.converse
Sun Feb 13 22:46:48 CET 2011

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 5:56 AM, Young Han Lee <cpumaker at gmail.com> wrote:
> any comment about this?

It looks good, one last thought

+static void windowing_and_mdct_ltp(AACContext *ac, float *out,
+                                   float *in, IndividualChannelStream *ics)
+    const float * lwindow      = ics->use_kb_window[0] ?
ff_aac_kbd_long_1024 : ff_sine_1024;
+    const float * swindow      = ics->use_kb_window[0] ?
ff_aac_kbd_short_128 : ff_sine_128;
+    const float * lwindow_prev = ics->use_kb_window[1] ?
ff_aac_kbd_long_1024 : ff_sine_1024;
+    const float * swindow_prev = ics->use_kb_window[1] ?
ff_aac_kbd_short_128 : ff_sine_128;
+    float * buf = ac->buf_mdct;

buf is the same as in should lets just drop buf and call it in.

> If I should do something to apply it, please let me know.

Let's see if Rob has any more comments tomorrow.

If not, please attach a patch created with "git format-patch" against
latest git.

This makes it trivial for us to push and also makes sure you get
proper credit for your work.


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