[FFmpeg-devel] [VOTE] Equality and leader team

Tobias Bindhammer tobias.bindhammer
Tue Feb 15 16:25:53 CET 2011

> * Disband the leader team of 7 and return commit and decission power to all
>   developers.
> Y Yes
> N No

After a lot of thinking and having a really good and clarifying call
with Diego:


Out of a simple reason, this way we could start from scratch and unify
all developers again and then build a new ruling structure that is based
on proper voting. If it ends up to be the same team of 7 and same new
rules, i am fine with it, but i'd love to see alls this chaos to cease.
So please push the reset button :-) This also applies to personal
disliked and insults. I don't think any of the inflicted people is and
was acting in a bad manner, so it should be easy to restart and pick up
the new chance, right?


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