[FFmpeg-devel] [VOTE] Equality and leader team

Tobias Bindhammer tobias.bindhammer
Wed Feb 16 09:56:15 CET 2011

Am 15.02.2011 22:42, schrieb Luca Barbato:
> On 2/15/11 10:06 PM, Tobias Bindhammer wrote:
>> On 15.02.2011 17:01, Luca Barbato wrote:
>>> One of the problems with this "vote" is that "Yes" does not have a
>>> really defined or agreed effect.
>>> So I'm quite sure that your "Yes let's try to go back and find an
>>> agreement" isn't the same Yes as "remove all the signees from the
>>> project".
>>> What is the system you'd like?
>> That is not part of my yes, please don't get me wrong here :-) I was
>> just thinking a step further and making suggestions for afterwards. If
>> all step back first, then we can discuss and _vote_ for a
>> system/rules/government/name it, that most of all developers want. Even
>> if that vote would be not my choice, i'd life with it and accept it and
>> still join in. That is just my sense of democracy. The number of
>> maintainers, committers, leaders, that is all discussable, but not
>> pushing things through without a vote. Therefore, whatever is, i have to
>> vote Yes.
> That doesn't change what I stated before. The only practical result of
> voting yes is removing 18 people from the project.

I dont want 18 people to leave, i just want such huge decisions to go
through fair voting processes. I have the feeling that you are afraid of
a voting somehow, but isn't it just sportif to convince enough people of
your goals and direction to go? As said, nothing about your new system
that you try to establish, as long as it is based on a fair vote. If
people like that, it is fine for me, even if i would dislike it, i'd
just use it, because the majority wants it. It is like voting partys,
the winner is not always everybodys choice, but still one has to accept
the choice of the majority and cope with the result.
Of course you are still free to fork, build your own state, your own
system, your own rules and be very happy with that. But doing that on
the territory of the original project is maybe a bad idea.


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