[FFmpeg-devel] Maintainership question

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Wed Feb 16 11:47:10 CET 2011

Le quartidi 24 pluvi?se, an CCXIX, Luca Barbato a ?crit?:
> Expanding a bit.
> The pts guessing code shouldn't stay there, it might have it's place in
> libavutil and should be superceeded if we could come up with a better
> and clean way to calculate pts in libavformat.
> I hope you can help us in sorting the issue at hand in a nicer way

It seems the discussion got sidetracked, so I start again from there, more

1. Do we want a single preferred timestamp for decoded frames, for
   applications that do not want to handle subtleties?

2. What API do we want for this timestamp?

3. What logic should be used to determine this timestamp?

My answers:

1. Definitely yes.
   The underlying timestamps should still be available for applications that
   want to handle subtleties.

2. A field in AVFrame, set at the same time as the rest of the structure.
   Exporting the underlying logic is ok, but only if there is a need for it.

3. The current algorithm seems fine to me for a start,
   but I do not insist on it if someone proposes something better.
   There have been hints of problems in the timestamp logic, but nothing
   precise that could be actually pinned on this algorithm.


  Nicolas George
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