[FFmpeg-devel] RTMP: trailing slash in content-base

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Wed Feb 16 14:40:58 CET 2011


Since 577ee94/r23325 (2010-05-25), ffserver sends a Content-Base header; its
value is the URL with a trailing slash.

Since dd22cfb/r25755 (2010-11-15), lavf uses the Content-Base header for
subsequent requests.

This seems to break ffserver-ffmpeg interaction: ffserver logs:

Wed Feb 16 14:35:55 2011 - - [PLAY] "rtsp://localhost:5454/test1-rtsp.mpg/ RTSP/1.0" 200 882

And ffmpeg logs:

[rtsp @ 0x24fd510] method PLAY failed: 454 Session Not Found

strace shows that the difference with the previous, working revision is the
trailing slash to the PLAY request.

Martin, as the author of both patches, could you try to look into it?

The ffserver conf I used is:

CustomLog -
RTSPPort 5454
<Stream test1-rtsp.mpg>
Format rtp
File "/tmp/test1-rtsp.mpg"


  Nicolas George
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