[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] CrystalHD decoder support v5

Philip Langdale philipl
Sat Feb 19 23:05:07 CET 2011

Hi all,


* Added a comment on how things work at a high level.
* Implemented comprehensive handling for cases where
  multiple ProcOutput calls are needed per decode().
  This fixes playback of hard telecined content.
* Assume encoded fields are submitted in top -> bottom
  order, regardless of presentation order. BFF examples
  I've seen work this way.
* Removed claim of MPEG1 support. Broadcom engineer says
  that the hardware doesn't actually do it. That would
  explain why I never got a sample to play...
* Not a change per-se, but I've now been able to verify
  MPEG4 Part 2 and VC1 interlaced content, and both
  work correctly.

Outstanding issues

No change here, but a quick summary

* 70012 still doesn't work right. It needs different decode()
  timing and I haven't investigated it completely.
* Interlaced H.264 support remains incomplete due to lack of
  a way to distinguish the cases. MBAFF as produced by x264 is
  assumed for now.

As with v4, I present this as a serious candidate for submission.
I think general aspects of it have been reviewed to the satisfaction
of everyone who expressed an opinion. Now I really need a technical
review on how I'm actually handling the content; I have no illusions
that the interlaced handling is complete (I swear, I think 90% of the
work has been on interlaced handling) but it's solid for progressive.


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