[FFmpeg-devel] [patch] allow wordexp globs in image2 file sequence import

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Sun Jan 2 19:14:10 CET 2011

Le tridi 13 niv?se, an CCXIX, Brian Olson a ?crit?:
> My reading of the concat: protocol is that it would require all the files
> to be listed sequentially on the command line, and given enough frames
> that will simply be impossible. (I think I heard linux exec() has a limit
> of 64kb of effective command line.)

Linux does not have a limit there since version 2.6.23. Under previous
versions, the limit was 128?ko.

On the other hand, most Unix have such a limitation. Single Unix only
mandates a 4?ko minimum. The usual solution for this problem is to allow to
read the list from a file. It would be nice, and probably not much work, if
"concat:" would allow it.

>					Even if possible it would be
> inconvenient to type out all those filenames, or write a script to build
> the command.

A good shell can make it quite easy:

files=(*.jpg); ffmpeg -i concat:${(j:|:)files} ...

But that does not mean I find your efforts worthless, quite the contrary.


  Nicolas George
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