[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] RTP source address filtering

Martin Storsjö martin
Thu Jan 6 12:50:45 CET 2011

On Thu, 6 Jan 2011, Luca Barbato wrote:

> On 01/05/2011 10:49 PM, Martin Storsj? wrote:
> [source fitering, connect, udp...]
> Looks ok, but I'd like to have a testcase for it.

I've tested it like this: Use ffplay to play back a stream over UDP, e.g. 
from feng. libavformat usually sets up 5000 as the first receiving port.

The while receiving this stream, send another stream to the same port:
ffmpeg -re -i <whatever> -vcodec mpeg4 -an -f rtp 

You should notice lots of errors/warnings in the ffplay session, due to 
new stream messing up the other one. (If the first stream played back from 
feng also is mpeg4, you might actually get an quite "interesting" mix of 
the both video streams.) With this patchset applied and if playing back 
the RTSP stream with ?filter_src at the end, it plays back without any 

// Martin

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