[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 3/3] dca: export profile information on decode (v3)

Kostya Shishkov kostya.shishkov
Thu Jan 6 15:31:53 CET 2011

On 6 January 2011 15:07, Anssi Hannula <anssi.hannula at iki.fi> wrote:
> ---
> This time the HD profiles are checked using the present extensions
> bitmask in the extension substream header.
> I raised the buffer size by 4kB to account for the ExSS header. Let me
> know if you'd prefer some dynamic allocation of the buffer instead.
> I also added the new profiles to options.c as suggested by Michael
> (though I'm still not sure if adding several completely unuseful lines
> to the already cluttered ffmpeg --help is a good idea).

Looks fine, waiting for Benjamin's opinion

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