[FFmpeg-devel] Adding AMD OpenVideo Decode acceleration

Leith Bade leith
Fri Jan 7 15:01:25 CET 2011

Hi Carl,

I see what you mean. I had noticed that it did not have the lib on my Ubuntu
Hopefully they will port it. This first version only supports H264 level 41
even though they specify an API for level 51, MVC, VC-1 etc so I imagine
that ATI Stream 2.4 will expand on this.

I am not interested in DXVA as you cannot share it's buffers with OpenCL
easily (AMD don't have CL to D3D9 interop like NVIDIA does, only CL to

DXVA does not work with D3D11 and DirectCompute either as D3D9 cannot share
with DXGI/D3D10/11/

So if you want to run custom filters etc on the video using GPGPU then OVD
is the only API for it so far.

I also suspect that NVIDIA will support OVD sooner or later as I think OVD
will become part of a Khronos spec. (I read somewhere on the AMD website
that the reason they only support H264 so far is that they were cooperating
with a 'third party' to ensure that APIs will be cross vendor compatible).

Leith Bade
leith at leithalweapon.geek.nz

On 8 January 2011 02:36, Carl Eugen Hoyos <cehoyos at ag.or.at> wrote:

> Leith Bade <leith <at> leithalweapon.geek.nz> writes:
> > I would like to use FFmpeg to drive AMD's new OpenVideo Decode API (which
> > interops with OpenCL and OpenGL) with H264.
> >
> > I have been learning the API, but the documentation is very poor (lots of
> > typos, mistakes, vague or missing descriptions).
> >
> > As far as I can tell the API's structures are very similar to DXVA, but
> > simplified a bit. (I have used DXVA docs to fill in the gaps in the OVD
> > docs).
> Could you confirm that you are talking about a Windows-only API (while
> there
> obviously already is a Windows API called DXVA that would work on other
> hardware, too, and that is already - partly - supported in FFmpeg)?
> http://www.phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?p=162209#post162209
> Carl Eugen
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