[FFmpeg-devel] Patch: CrystalHD decoder support

John Cox jc
Fri Jan 7 18:13:21 CET 2011

> [snip]
>there are 2 timestamps
>1. pts, they represent the time at which the binary packet should be displayed
>   once it is decodec (this goes through reordered_opaque)
>2. dts, they represent the time at which the output that happens to come out
>   of the decoder should be displayed.

So this isn't the H.222 definition of DTS (Decode Time Stamp)?  H.222 DTS is
the time at while a coded frame should be fed into an instantaneous decoder
(i.e. a decoder that takes no time to process a frame but may then delay it for
reordering or other purposes).

Just seeking clarification.


John Cox

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