[FFmpeg-devel] How to handle radio streams serving chained files?

Ronald S. Bultje rsbultje
Wed Jan 12 22:15:46 CET 2011


we all know chained Ogg (concat 5 Ogg/Vorbis files and pretend you
know support "metadata changes" - then call it a spec and say that any
combination of file types, even a video file followed by an audio
file, is valid). Apparently RTSP and MMS served by WMS (Microsoft) use
"chained ASF" for the same purpose. So basically it serves me an ASF
file per song, then when the song ends and/or a new one starts, it
serves a new ASF file. Could have different streams (WmaVoice vs.
WmaPro) or stream properties, and has different metadata. See issue

How should I support this in lavf so ffplay.c supports this?
AvProgram? How do I signal a "switch" from
"stream0=video,stream1=audio" to "stream2=audio" (since stream1/0
ended, so nothing new comes in anymore) to the application, so ffplay
just concats it and it plays as if we natively supported this kind of


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