[FFmpeg-devel] Call for SSH pubkeys for git repository at videolan.org

Peter Ross pross
Thu Jan 13 00:09:35 CET 2011

On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 03:24:39PM +0100, Janne Grunau wrote:
> Hi,
> my previous call for SSH pubkeys from current svn committers seems to
> gone by mostly unnoticed. I got only 3 keys.
> Please reply with your SSH pubkey attached and preferably signed with
> the GPG key in MAINTAINERS for push access to the FFmpeg git
> repositories at git.videolan.org.


-- Peter
(A907 E02F A6E5 0CD2 34CD 20D2 6760 79C5 AC40 DD6B)
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ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDWONQzxS/oTtrTW9y0xaFG1UCbVvIhFAHfi2JhaAqvOL+oS73IiU1kXmGAC6RM39tYwXCl8mv41fin2h/o9dvZ7qjw41R1ldP1aRSbbt3+Osp6BBTQ8jdX93NQBRqTmfhx5jaqdV79+Ls3eiuE6XIP+4ih0lPtIWQJtj/IZVVXL4vDUtDqHyRMdee0cmEjPNkqCHJR06++y9HjvT5UslJHBURiPRg2ze65EWZ3dFVB+CxQ3+X1PKoYXPD9oVy9p/f8lU/V2OHjHU+eyWg0ssxWfcDQrP9X6aTfTPGYtKUNQ2CVetokVOjAgTK/vvgWI3emXmNGDvyuUDJueNmiLXBx pross at xvid.org
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