[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Clip-Wrapped MXF support (attempt #4)

Maksym Veremeyenko verem
Fri Jan 14 09:14:27 CET 2011

Reimar D?ffinger ???????(??):
> To me it looks like it splits the data according to index entries.
For clip-wrapped case it reads a block equal (for video) or multiple 
(for audio) to *EditUnitByteCount* value instead of complete reading of 

> But unless the specification actually _requires_ a complete index (which
> means it requires an index at all, and it requires that also each non-keyframe
> has an index entry) that is a solution that only works with "good luck", not
> properly.
First i am not sure that Clip-Wrapped files with 
not-fixed-frames-size-content exists in real world - anyway we could 
always test them and fix behavior of demuxer...

> Does this code actually fix any case other that DV video? Because for DV it could be
> considered the real bug that the raw DV demuxer was not implemented using a parser
> (if it was, clip-wrapped DV should already work I think).
Hope it does not /fix/ anything other :-))) at least i did not noticed...

Maksym Veremeyenko

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