[FFmpeg-devel] MPlayer changes discussed on FFmpeg mailing lists

Diego Biurrun diego
Sun Jan 16 18:37:54 CET 2011

Recent events make me think a general statement is in order.

FFmpeg and MPlayer have always been closely related and many devs are
shared even though the relationship is no longer quite as close as it
used to be.

Some of the FFmpeg committers are MPlayer committers as well.  However,
the FFmpeg mailing lists are not the MPlayer mailing lists.  MPlayer
changes *must* be discussed on the MPlayer mailing lists before being
executed.  Relying on MPlayer developers to follow FFmpeg mailing lists
in order to be notified about changes to MPlayer is unacceptable.  It
also does not work in practice as we just witnessed.

Also note that such behavior is a clear violation of MPlayer project
policy (?5, ?9, ?12).  In the past I have been direly criticized for
not closing accounts due to perceived policy changes.  Please avoid
putting me in a situation where my only option is closing accounts.


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