[FFmpeg-devel] Protocol - Simple question!

Fernando Pelliccioni fpelliccioni
Wed Jan 19 21:13:17 CET 2011

Hi all,

This is my first post in the list.

I'm doing some tests.

I am debugging the ffmpeg.exe code using the following arguments.

ffmpeg.exe -vcodec mjpeg -i *.jpg works.flv

Platform: Windows XP (32 bits) with MSVC

Broadly speaking, this is the trace of the functions executed...

url_alloc                               -- set protocol to "file"
file_open (file.c)

fd = open(filename, access, 0666);   // with filename == "*.jpg"
                                                     // return ... fd == -1

I have a problem with

fd = open(filename, access, 0666);   //with filename == "*.jpg"

because the "open" returns an error when trying to open the file "*. jpg",
which sounds logical

It is right that input as "*. jpg" are handled by the File Protocol (file.c)

Thanks in advance,
Fernando Pelliccioni.

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