[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] support for flvtool2 "keyframes based" generated index in FLV format decoder

Kharkov Alexander kharkovalexander
Thu Jan 20 11:26:44 CET 2011


Attached patch parse flvtool2 metadata "keyframes
(times/fileopstions)" tags and use this data
as index at least for seek operations.
It is required in case when mplayer which use this part of ffmpeg code
attempts to play FLV file via HTTP for example.
Existing implementation attempt to download ALL content up to seek point
before it can play it, but it is unacceptable to download unneded data
(whole file if you seek to the end)
as in case of low bandwidth seek operation will 'never' end.
With this patch 'mplayer' can seek fast in such situations using this index.

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