[FFmpeg-devel] feature proposal: custom size for OGG pages

Andres Gonzalez acandido
Thu Jan 20 16:22:20 CET 2011

Hi all,

I've been using FFmpeg for some months, but I am new to developers' list.

I would like to add an option to FFmpeg, in order to allow the user to 
choose a preferred page.

For example, if I'm thinking of writing:

ffmpeg -i input.mpeg -oggpagesize 4000 -o output.ogg

That would mean "when you have 4000 or more bytes of data, make a page". 
Another option would be "make pages of size 4000 bytes or less", but at 
first glance, this second looks a little trickier to implement, for me.

The question is: Is it okay to add an arbitrary feature-specific 
parameter? Or, do you have any other suggestion to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,

Andr?s Gonz?lez

T: 91 458 51 19 (ext:165)
C/ Bolivia 5 - Madrid - 28016

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