[FFmpeg-devel] Preliminary announcement about the current situation

Arpi arpi
Thu Jan 20 16:47:27 CET 2011


> When i consider A better than B i tended to insist on A. Especially when its
> about public API.
> Do people really want the 2nd best option to be choosen when its not much
> work to choose the best?

this is why i like you as ffmpeg maintainer. very bad others don't honor this...

> > D) mplayer != ffmpeg. I see that this is hard for you to accept, but
> > they are not the same. This includes swscale, mpcodecs, dll loader and
> > all the other endless flamewars.
> having a private repo resolves this and some other issues mentioned to some
> extend

ffmpeg and mplayer should be merged completely together. they depend heavly
on each other, and actually sharing lot of common code.

> > Having said all this, I don't want you to stop developing FFmpeg, but
> > that's exactly what I want you to do again: write code. Not mpcodecs
> > wrappers, but actual FFmpeg code. I think there's a lot of reasons why
> > you're not the ideal BDFL, but you are a great programmer and I'd wish
> > you did more of that.
> No doubt iam not the ideal BDFL, but noone in ffmpeg is the ideal BDFL. we
> dont have linus here, not even fabrice is left.

agree. but still you are the most close to linus from the ffmpeg people...
i wonder who else know deeply the whole ffmpeg code ?

> But id like to know why, if resolution of the problems listed here was the
> goal,
> people did not present a list like this to me with signatures and an ultimatum
> to correct?
> You guys complain to me iam not good, and true but this is actually not better
> if not worse than what ive done. Thats not a good start for a new team IMHO

> Why did people overtake the server and domain and afterwards present this list
> instead of presenting it first giving me an ultimatum to deal with it and then
> take action if i fail?

agree. this "revolution" was done very bad way...

> Truth is 4? years ago i wrote a will to make sure the computer stuff i have
> would end up used somewhere in FOSS, both attila and diego are listed in it
> to get all my computers and distribute them as they see fit.

lol :)

> Theres quite alot that has happened in the last few days and ive not made up my
> mind entirely what i will do, maybe ill continue to maintain ffmpeg at videolan
> for a while, as long as users or developers want it or there are some who
> offer little jobs on ffmpeg but in the end i will likely leave

> Contributing to the new maintainers is no fun


what about forking ffmpeg, and working with me on some really revolutionary stuff? :)


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