[FFmpeg-devel] On software using non-public symbols

Diego Elio Pettenò flameeyes
Sun Jan 23 06:46:54 CET 2011

Hi all,

I was asked last night if I could look into which software is currently
using non-public symbols; I've since added an elfgrep script to my
ruby-elf[1] and here is its result, as applied over the Gentoo tinderbox
instance I maintain (which lists 12909 packages compiled and installed).

The attachment reports the details for which file uses which symbol,
while the relationship with (Gentoo) packages is as follows:

x11-misc/electricsheep (/usr/bin/electricsheep)
media-sound/mpd (/usr/bin/mpd)
www-plugins/gnash (/usr/lib/gnash/libgnashmedia-0.8.8.so)
media-tv/xbmc (/usr/lib/xbmc/xbmc.bin)
media-video/vlc (/usr/lib/vlc/plugins/access/libaccess_avio_plugin.so)
media-video/vlc (/usr/lib/vlc/plugins/demux/libavformat_plugin.so)
media-video/ffmpeg (/usr/lib/libavformat.so.52.84.0)
media-video/ffmpeg (/usr/lib/libavcodec.so.52.96.0)
media-video/ffmpeg (/usr/bin/ffmpeg)
media-video/ffmpeg (/usr/bin/ffplay)
media-video/ffmpeg (/usr/bin/ffprobe)
media-video/dvdstyler (/usr/bin/dvdstyler)
media-video/ffmpeg2theora (/usr/bin/ffmpeg2theora)
media-video/kino (/usr/bin/kino)
media-video/jubler (/usr/lib/jubler/libffdecode.so)
media-video/vdr2jpeg (/usr/bin/vdr2jpeg)
media-video/avidemux (/usr/lib/libADM5avcodec.so.52)
media-video/avidemux (/usr/lib/libADM5avformat.so.52)
media-video/avidemux (/usr/bin/avidemux2_cli)
media-video/avidemux (/usr/bin/avidemux2_qt4)
media-video/bombono-dvd (/usr/bin/bombono-dvd)

I leave it as an exercise to the reader matching the package names above
to the actual project maintaining them. Oh and yes, avidemux still
maintains its own bloody copy of forked ffmpeg; I stopped trying to make
sense of upstream a long time ago!

Have fun everybody!

Diego Elio Petten? ? Flameeyes
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