[FFmpeg-devel] Hiding non-public interfaces (was: Re: [PATCH 2/2] Hide the now-prefixed decoders, encoders, parsers, bsf, hwaccel objects.)

Diego Elio Pettenò flameeyes
Wed Jan 26 12:15:38 CET 2011

Il giorno mer, 26/01/2011 alle 07.22 +0100, Reinhard Tartler ha scritto:
> But because of inconsistent naming of the API, this was (and still is)
> not possible. If it was, your patch wouldn't be necessary. 

I know that and I'd like to move towards that, but to do so we can at
least take a step at a time. If you look at the non-patch mail I sent
you can see that only bombono-dvd in Gentoo requires an external ff_*
symbol, while libavformat liberally uses ff_* symbols from

If you can get on a single FS all the Debian/Ubuntu packages depending
directly on ffmpeg libraries I can provide you with the commandline to
run to see if any uses non-API symbols.

I think an alternative could be to list in global all the
currently-misnamed API, and then review it later, or generate the .v
file from the installed headers through something like ctags (but not
ctags itself since it doesn't preprocess files and thus doesn't work
with half the ffmpeg includes), so that what is installed is public, but
nothing else.

Diego Elio Petten? ? Flameeyes

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