[FFmpeg-devel] Donations and what happens with them

Tobias Bindhammer tobias.bindhammer
Thu Jan 27 15:28:47 CET 2011

> Review happens similar as previously: if there's comments by any
> expert person, then the patch can be resubmitted after these have been
> addressed. Everyone is encouraged to help review. A reviewer does not
> have to be a committer. However, in the end one committer will always
> (at least briefly) review your patch, because he's the one applying
> it.

Means, all is under total control, and the whole process is now bloated
enough to disencourage new members from the beginning and paralyze those
who still want to contribute? And as result, there will be a clean, fast
and lean ffmpeg.

And yes, also i am pissed because i was never aksed about anything
regarding the fork clou. So as i contribute not enough, my vote and
voice did not count, right? Same rights for everyone, didn't you blame
that as well? So sorry guys/girls, but that is not what i understand as
diplomatic and democratic values, if you just shit on old rules and
state new ones when it is about time.

But well, just keep and fight the blamed "misuse of power" by misusing
power on your own. I hope your minds get clear soon again to recognize
that you overshoot the mark by way and find some time and words to
apologize and for a solid compromise where all members find again fun in
contributing and receive the feeling of beeing wanted and valued.


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