[FFmpeg-devel] Not so preliminary announcement about the current situation

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos
Fri Jan 28 00:43:31 CET 2011

Attila Kinali <attila <at> kinali.ch> writes:

> Dear friends,

another joke?
I've seen significantly better ones, including by Michael.

> developers, contributors and vultures,
> First i want to give you a warm FUCK YOU ALL! for what you've
> written and done the last few days.

Thank you for being so open!
The very same to you!

> After being prodded by a few people to read what's going on
> i've spend the last hour with reading the mailinglist instead
> of doing what i should be really doing: sleeping so that i can
> get up early tomorrow morning and care about my day job.
> Instead i've read flames, accusation, bad jokes. People i've never
> heard of are using strong words about things they cannot possibly
> have the slightes clue about.

You mean you never read mailing lists and are wondering that there are more than
35 people active? Well, I am not surprised...

> People who everyone thought have left for good

Talking about M?ns?

> long ago are comming back and picking at the flesh
> of the wounded like vultures send from the depths of hell to inflict
> pain no man has ever known.
> Hence i would like to clarify a few things here and then move on
> to something that involves less lies, less venomous words.
> 0) For those who do not know me: I'm "The Root",

You mean the one who swore to me last year he would never take over FFmpeg,
would not allow anyone to take over FFmpeg and who would close the account of
anybody trying to take over FFmpeg?

> master over
> the machine that hosts ffmpeg.org and most of the infrastructure
> around FFmpeg and MPlayer. I've been active around MPlayer and
> FFmpeg nearly since the beginning, but due to lack of time and
> knowledge moved into the shadows and tried to support both projects
> as good as i could as sysadmin. I seldom appear in the daily busines
> of either project unless i feel that something is so much amiss that
> it will become much worse if i don't act. (Which only happens once
> every few years)
> M?ns and Diego are my co-admins who help me getting things done
> when i'm too busy (which is pretty often) or just simply not available.

You mean like doing the mailing list administration that nobody looked after for
several months?

You and the 16 others (Alex afaict was the only truthful one) are lying cowards,
and now you are whining because you see what you have done!

[Many cut lines of self-pitying whining cut]

Carl Eugen, who hopes that Michael's patience is over soon.

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