[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] support for flvtool2 "keyframes based" generated index in FLV format decoder

Kharkov Alexander kharkovalexander
Fri Jan 28 04:03:10 CET 2011

> why do that? I can understand to seek back to the old position if the
> index parsing gave errors, but in case of success why read the
> same data again?
Actually I do that just to allow future patches which can wait this data too
and do smth else with it. Of cause in current situation this index
parser can return success or failure and this result can be be used as
indicator to reset stream back to initial position, but as I said I
prefer to make changes which affect existing behavior as less as
So should I change it and reset stream to initial state only in case
of failure (unexpected index structure etc.)?

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