[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] support for flvtool2 "keyframes based" generated index in FLV format decoder

Kharkov Alexander kharkovalexander
Fri Jan 28 06:26:00 CET 2011

> is there a sample that has this kind of index in the sample collection,
> if not could you upload one?
I did not find such sample at samples.mplayerhq.hu, so I upload my
as described in instruction http://www.ffmpeg.org/bugreports.html to

ftp://upload.ffmpeg.org,  directory /MPlayer/incoming/flv_keyframes_index
there are flv file and description:
Actually you did not notice anything valuable on small file, to see
the purpose of the patch it is required to stream big FLV (100Mb for
example) start play this file over HTTP and then seek to the end. By
default mplayer will try to download all file to required position,
with patch it will use keyframes index to determine nearest to
required time remote file postion and perform HTTP range request.

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