[FFmpeg-devel] Donations and what happens with them

Rob robert.swain
Fri Jan 28 11:50:22 CET 2011

On 28 January 2011 11:22, Ivan Kalvachev <ikalvachev at gmail.com> wrote:
> Also, Michael got vote of confidence just 2 months ago. Even the
> current "revolutionaries" voted to keep him. Indeed at the time I
> though that "follow same rules as everybody else" was about the rules.

Right, it was. Perhaps it helped to clarify that Michael was not
really leading the project.

> Now I realize it was "he can remain leader, as long as he doesn't act
> as leader". (And then accuse him that he is not leading the project
> anywhere.)

Quite the opposite. I would have loved Michael to really lead the
project well, whether by example or otherwise. Michael didn't lead the
project at all well, so I (and some others came to the same conclusion
independently it seems) didn't want him to be leader anymore.

To reiterate a point in more blunt terms - I don't care who or what
group leads the project as long as they do actually lead the project
and do so in a way that provides a positive, productive and
encouraging environment for developers within which significant work
can get done. I still believe that the new group are more capable of
this than Michael.

> A lot, if not all of current unrest comes from the fact that power was
> abused. (Imagine sf.net server admins doing the same, it would be the
> end of sourceforge.)
> If so many people were really against Michael, they could have easily
> voted him down. They could have done it and after the coup, but
> "voting doesn't work" for them.
> It is a military coup, these who had power abused it and took what
> they wanted, now nobody have the power to remove them.

Despite good development momentum by some after the announcement (hey,
I've even reviewed a couple of patches myself and pointed out a bug!)
it seems this is not going to end until some open discussion and
compromise is made amongst us all. Perhaps FOSDEM is a good forum for
some of us to talk in person. Perhaps Michael could attend so that we
could all try to find some kind of resolution. Of course anything
discussed and concluded amongst those people must be published to the
mailing lists and discussed there else it will just drag out into even
more mess.

> And the worst
> thing is that there are too many good people who have accepted their
> propaganda for true.

I won't remove this but it doesn't really say anything.


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