[FFmpeg-devel] Donations and what happens with them

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Sat Jan 29 12:37:43 CET 2011

Le decadi 10 pluvi?se, an CCXIX, Jason Garrett-Glaser a ?crit?:
> But I saw this as just as much of a problem before the change, too.
> Very often, you would have some problem X and some patch Y that fixes
> it.  Patch Y isn't perfect, and doesn't solve the problem in the best
> possible way.  Reviewers suggest or insist that patch Y do complex,
> harder thing Z to solve the problem better.
> It never happens, and problem X remains.

I agree with this analysis, the policy should be fixed with that regard.

I think a patch should be allowed to be applied if:

- it improves something and does not make something else worse;

- the submitter sincerely thinks that doing it in a better way would be too
  much work for him;

- no one volunteers to do it in a better way quickly, or said volunteer is
  not quick enough;

- the patch has a visible (greppable, if in comment) reference to the
  discussion on how to do things right.


  Nicolas George
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