[FFmpeg-devel] qemu 0.14.0(no audio using ffplay error with aplay)

asim khan khan.asim.2009
Fri Mar 4 06:06:10 CET 2011

    Iam using qemu 0.14.0 and trying to wav file..on console it shows that
its playing but there is no audio.
if I play the same file with aplay it gives an error"*aplay: pcm_write:1603:
write error: Input/output error".*so doono whats going wrong.??????
            Actually earlier i was using qemu 0.13.0. so if I play the same
file here with aplay..it plays well,but then if I use ffplay..it plays
distorted audio alot along jittering.
I thought to use latest version of qemu, so I made patch of my qemu 0.13.0
changes and applied on 0.14.0.but then I started getting problem as I
mentioned at the starting that no audio with ffplay and with aplay error.

Plz update me as soon as possible


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